Which Chanel bag will you choose?

  1. If I can only have two bags out the these three, Bubble Quilt, Padded Envelop, Pocket in the City, which 2 will you choose?:p Chanel bag lovers, please advise.
    Bubble Quilt Flap Bag.JPG Padded Envelope.JPG Pocket In The City - Brown Zip Tote.JPG
  2. I don't care for the middle bag.
  3. i only like the bubble flap out of the three
  4. The bubble flap is definately a keeper, follwed by the padded Envelop.... I don't feel for the Pocket in the city.
  5. out of the choices, #1
  6. First and third.

    I don't like the second. I'm not even a huge fan of the third, but since you said you wanted 2 out of 3 those are my choices. :yes:
  7. Bubble. Love the unique texture. The others aren't as striking.
  8. Of those three, the Bubble Quilt is the only one I particularly like.
  9. I am with everyone else. Love the bubble. Not feeling the others.
  10. i love the bq
  11. I like the first.
  12. The bubble flap for sure. I have the bubble bowler in dark beige and love it. #2 would be my second choice. I am not too fond of #3.
  13. the bubble for sure!! it's so soft in real life and the best looking of the three,imo
  14. I love the bubble quilt. Not too fond of the other two. But if I have to pick one of those two, I'll pick number two.
  15. I like them in the order that you have them displayed. I really love that bubble quilt.