Which Chanel Bag to get?

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Chanel Caviar Beige Jumbo in Gold or Silver Hardware?

  1. Light Beige Jumbo in Gold hardware

  2. Light Beige Jumbo in Silver hardware

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Hi friends,

    I am debating on deciding to get the Chanel Caviar Light Beige Jumbo but not sure in gold or silver hardware. Which one do you like better?

  2. Beige would look nice with gold :smile:
  3. I personally like it with gold because it warms up the light beige a bit. I do like SHW with beige clair because beige clair has pink undertones
  4. I think it looks way gorgeous and classy in the gold :smile:
  5. I prefer beige with GHW. :smile:
  6. because its a lighter beige...i will have to say silver hardwares. if its regular beige or tan darker beige than definitely gold.
  7. beige always with gold. always :smile:
  8. Beige complements better in gold.