Which Chanel Bag to get for Valentines Day?


Sep 8, 2015
The dark pink rectangular mini in Caviar with light gold hardware from Cruise or the Mademoiselle Vintage flap in black sheepskin in small size (size of M/L classic) with silver hardware from Spring Act 1.

Hi all! So my dear husband is getting me Chanel bag for Valentines Day. Yay! So we went to the store today and spent an hour deciding and debating between these two bags and couldn't reach a decision. We have decided to sleep over it and go back tomorrow, hopefully with fresh perspective. Both bags are very different. I have been meaning to add a rectangular mini to my collection but would prefer one in a darker colour (the pink is the only available colour in the store at the moment) for reasons of colour transfer etc and I also wear a lot of black. The black mademoiselle vintage was a bag that I happened to spot in the boutique and is not a bag I have considered before, but it ticks the right boxes being black in colour and with silver hardware. I am however a little concerned about it being sheepskin.
What do you guys think? Is the pink mini too bright? Should I be worried about colour transfer? Also about the black mademoiselle vintage- is sheepskin delicate and can it scratch easily? And being seasonal, would the MV start looking dated too soon?
Also my current collection consists of a M/L classic flap in black caviar with golden hardware, a black caviar square mini with gold hardware, a black caviar WOC silver hardware and a red lamb skin WOC silver hardware.

Would love to hear what you guys think of both bags. Which do you like more? Thank you so much for your help. IMG_1487012292.445656.jpg IMG_1487012311.772766.jpg
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Mar 26, 2015
you do have black covered in your collection, so the pink would be nice, and since it's for Valentine's Day that color will remind you of the gift. it can get color transfer, for sure. someone recently posted about hers, i believe she'd only had it 2 weeks before that happened and chanel does not help with color transfer. you'd just have to be cautious with the outfits you pair it with:smile:


Jul 26, 2013
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The pink speaks Happy Valentines Day and is so happy and gorgeous!! But, I'd worry about color transfer also. I actually think the Mademoiselle is also very beautiful (just looked at one myself recently), but isn't it suppose to have that vintage vibe (dated look)? But, then you do have several black bags already. Oh, and Mademoiselle sounds sooooooo romantic like V-day is suppose to be:heart::heart::heart: I'd still probable pick the pink out of the two. It's a gorgeous fun color, it's a mini, and it'll add a little more pop of color to your collection. Can't wait to see what your V-day reveal will be:loveeyes:


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Mar 10, 2016
Go for dark pink mini since you already have black in your collection. I've seen both bags, in fact I've the dark pink mini but haven't taken her out yet (❤❤❤❤). To prevent color transfer, don't wear denim while using the mini. Caviar will out last sheepskin. Happy shopping girl!