Which Chanel bag shall I buy?

  1. Hi all,

    I'm a newbie! Just found this forum on a recommendation of someone from Pricescope. This forum is so awesome. Love all the Chanel bags!:heart:

    I am in the process of purchasing my second Chanel bag. I'd like something durable, lightweight and but not sure if I'd like something more practical or glamorous/ pretty. Just know that I'd like it to not require too much maintenance and to last for a long long time (Chanel is so expensive and in S'pore where I now live, Chanel NEVER has a sale, always full-price) .

    Am undecided :confused1: btw (they're all mid-size):

    1) Classic in caviar leather, in black

    2) Classic in caviar, white

    3) Pocket in the City, black

    4) Cambon in black with the white logo

    5) Expandable quilted calfskin flap bag, white

    6) Tote (not sure if this is the right name, but it is boxy looking and is big enough to hold some A4/ A5 documents), in black

    Pls help me decide. Thx.
  2. I personally vote for 1) 2) or 6)!!:yes:
  4. hi there! i'd buy (2) the classic caviar in black is low-maintenance and is perfect for so many occasions =)
  5. I vote for classic black caviar flap! Low maintenance and will last forever!
  6. another vote for classic caviar flap=)
  8. I go with #5
  9. The classic flap is always a good purchase. Either white or black are beautiful!!!
  10. #1, #2 or #5. #3 is too heavy!
  11. i vote the the classic caviar flap in black =)
  12. classic flap in any color. But that would depend if your first chanel was a flap or not. The expandable would be really cool if you already have the classic flap.
  13. I love the look of the expandable flap! That has my vote!
  14. Which one did you end up getting? I too am looking for another one. I have the jumbo and the woc but looking for something more casual. I am hard on my bags. I was thinking the expandable one?

    Any thoughts? Can you still get them? DO you know how much?
  15. Classic flap in black caviar. Its durable and lightweight and a great first piece to start your collection. Even if you have to wait a while before purchasing another Chanel, #1 will carry you through your next purchase.