Which Chanel bag is this?

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  1. I'm sure I'm going to come off looking very stupid, but I'm new to Chanel and I was wondering if anyone knew which Chanel bag this is:


    Emma Watson was carrying it in LA a few days ago. Thanks for your help!
  2. That's from the Cruise Collection last year. It was released last December, I believe.
  3. Wow thanks!
  4. Sorry for the double post, but is there anything else you can tell me about this bag? I really appreciate the help!
  5. That's part of the Graffiti Collection. I think everything in that line was included in the last Sale.
  6. Now that we are talking about Emma Watson's Chanel bags... XD

    I love the bag she wore in the Chanel dinner party and the Chanel Pre-fall show. Picture here:


    Does anybody know how it's called?? And the price?? XD
  7. Ooh BonnieRadcliffe I love that bag too! I know it was released fairly recently, maybe for Fall/Winter 07? It's the sequin mini flap.. I think retailed for around.. 2k? I hope someone else can chime in with more info/pictures! If I had a money tree, that bag would be mine!
  8. That bag is GORGEOUS!! It's a shame I can't spend that much money in it!! =( I have the money, but it's too much to spend on a bag, at least for me!! I'm not rich!! XD But I would love to find some similar bag from another brand =)

    I think you're right, the bag must have been released recently. Emma Watson attended both events just a couple of weeks ago. And she said in an interview that she has a kind of relationship with Chanel. She gets sent catalogues with all the new things and she can order them. That way she doesn't have to go to the boutique. Lucky girl!! XD
  9. BTW, if you click on the pic of the link I posted, you can see it in HQ!! =)
  10. Sorry for the triple post, I can't edit my last message!!

    I found this Chanel bag in a blog:


    Do you think it's the same?? I think the one in the blog is longer, and I don't like bags that long!! =( It seems to be another version of the same model. Or maybe it's indeed the same bag, only it looks longer in the picture of the blog:


    What do you all think?? :? The one in the blog looks so long, but if it's indeed the one Emma's wearing, it looks so cute!! ^^ Maybe I think it's that long because in the pic of the blog we have no idea of the size of the bag, but in the picture with Emma we know it's very small, and I love small bags!! ^^ I know big bags are in right now, but I can't help it!! Small bags are so cute!! ^^ That's the reason I don't like the classical 2.55, it's SO big!! And so thick!! Not for young people, if you ask me... That's why I'm kind of shocked when I see teenagers wearing it... I suppose I think the sequin bag looks longer in the pic of the bag alone because of that: because the bag it's alone in that pic and we can't guess its size, so I think it's bigger than it really is. The blog also says that it costs €1490. Do you know how many things I can do with that money in my country??
  11. Pleeeeeease, girls!! Do you think it's the same bag??