Which Chanel bag is better for evening?

  1. I am trying to put myself on a ban from buying any more bags, but it's so hard....

    I love these bags, what do you think?



    I liked the first one because of the flowers but I'm not so sure about the patent leather plus it seems so slim....but the second one is unusual and I like that too.
  2. I think they are both pretty unique, but if I had to choose for evening wear, the second link would be perfect.
  3. I like number 2
  4. The second one gets my vote as an evening bag.
  5. the second one looks gorgeous - however the first one seems smaller and looks fun/dressy.
  6. please do not be mad with me, but i will be honest. neither grabs my attention. personally i'd go with the classic 2.55 in the small or medium. perfect for evening. but thats just my opinion. you have to follow your heart and get what makes you happy.
    good luck.
  7. I agree!:yes:
  8. i love the second one.
  9. I prefer the 2nd one. I'm not a fan of the patent leather.
  10. yes, maybe the classic 2.55 would be more versatile, both for day and night!:love:
  11. doulosforhim: I'm not upset....thanks for your honesty! I already have the large classic flap in caviar, I was looking at something a little different for evening. I would love to have the pewter classic flap that came out last year, I don't think they have that anymore. Someone on TFS had one and it was so cute!
    Chanel Dark Silver.jpg
  12. I vote for the 2nd one.
  13. i like the 2nd one! it looks young and fun! good luck!:smile: