Which Chanel bag for 2010?


Jun 25, 2010
Hi Everybody,

I'm going to Malaysia next Friday and was thinking about using Australia's tourist refund scheme to buy myself a Chanel bag (finally!) and also some other things (maybe an LV speedy too).

I've always wanted a small black lambskin quilted flap bag for evenings, but I also kind of want something a little different that might be extra special.

If you were buying your very first Chanel bag - what would you buy?

Also, are there any new or limited release bags, clutches or wallets that are to-die-for this season? I would love to hear your recommendations - please live vicariously through me, I'll post pictures in the reference library when I'm back home :biggrin:

Thanks for any help/advice/recommendations! I desperately need them as I'm leaving soon and have only had a few days to research.

xox Alalia


May 4, 2009
great idea about shopping outside Oz to get your handbags, as we know too well we buy them for a great deal more. let us know how much you saved spending in Asia.
my first and only chanel is a black jumbo caviar classic flap with gold hardware. tough choice as i was thinking of the med/large aswell, but i thought.. go hard or go home!

you have many to choose from. i went to the Chanel store at Bondi at the weekend and they have these beautiful 2.55 bags that are made of a gorgeous soft, satin like material with gold hardware, i believe the size was m/l. the ones i saw came in red lipstick and emerald green. someone out there might have specific information about them.

also, i've seen a reveal this week - a black classic flap with pearl chains and interlocking "C"s which was absolutely gorgeous. again, i'm sure someone will have specific information about them too.

LV speedy sounds great too.. i've got my eye on the damier azur speedy 25 atm.

goodluck with the shopping and enjoy your trip!!!