Which Chanel bag do you use the most? The least?

  1. I used to use my petite shopping tote daily, but now it's my beige GST! The bag I use the least is probably one of my two pink Chanel bags. Hopefully I'll pull them out this spring/summer more than I did last year.

    Which bag are you getting the most use out of? And the least?
  2. I used my black GST more than any of my Chanels, but now I have my khaki baby cabas, so the GST will rest for awhile. I use my black patent clutch the least, after that it would be my silver Lux Ligne bowler.
  3. I used my Chanel tote bag from cruise collection most often. It's a large size tote and practical ;)
  4. I think the only Chanel bag that I've used more than 3x is my petite shopper! :wtf:

    the least has got to be my e/w
  5. Only have one (for now...) and use it amost everyday. It's my beloved khaki cabas.
  6. My favs are "white" Cloudy Bundle, khaki Cabas, and black deerskin Luxury Bowler. Least used is probably my beige/black Reporter but that's only because it is hard to match.
  7. I use my black medallion tote for everyday.

    I use my pink cambon small tote the least.
  8. I don't really use my Chanels all that much...but I'd have to say the one that got used the most would be...my Cambon White pochette. The least would be my hot pink/corail caviar medium classic flap.
  9. Hey Jen!

    Just curious, why do you not use your E/W bag much? I'm considering getting one and I'd love to hear your opinion!
  10. I use my black diamond stitch tote the most. The least would be my medium cambon tote. I have been using my dark silver Luxe bowler everyday since I purchased it the first week in January.
  11. Bellabags - do you wear your bag on your shoulder? and if yes, Does it work out pretty good?
  12. Do you favor another designer brand? Is that why you do not use you Chanel bags?
  13. Hey Annie! You should definitely get one! I don't use it a lot simply because I leave it at home and whenever I go out shopping or whatever, I usually go straight from Davis so I dont have time to go home and get it. quite a bummer since I love the bag so much :sad:
  14. I'm always reaching for my extra large black quilted tote. I just love a roomy bag. I probably use my flap bag the least because it doesn't hold enough.
  15. Hi Lisa,
    Yes, I do. I usually won't buy a bag unless it can be worn on the shoulder.
    One of the straps fell off a few times today while I was shopping but I had a sweater and a jacket on.