Which Chanel bag did you start with...which Chanel bag are you now striving for?

  1. I started off with a medium white/black Cambon tote way back in 2005.............4 bags later my HGs are the valentine chain, olsen bag in black and PNY pleated pouch :heart:

    I fall in and out of love with other bags in the meantime but the thought of one day getting one of my HGs is keeping on my ban :yahoo:
  2. My collection is in my sig.

    I started out with my first Chanel bag being the Baby Cabas. Then all hell broke loose, lol.

    I'm now striving for the white caviar jumbo with silver h/w, but I'll probably have to wait until after the price increase before I can get it. Arg!
  3. I started with a black diamond shine flap. I adored it because it was classic with a twist- the mademoiselle lock, the low maintenance coated caviar, that gorgeous chain! I did go a little crazy, considering that I'm still a student, but I've been doing a lot better now. I've noticed that I am striving for more classic designs now- I want a black cerf (which I'm getting soon, so maybe that doesn't count as much) and the *perfect* reissue one day. I've had a couple but none of them really fit what I was looking for. I'm thinking the purple reissue with gold hw will be my next baby!
  4. My first one was a dark white reissue.. it was my only one for a while.. then i started looking for more.

    My ideal, my one and only dream Chanel bag, the one that I hope will be released again, but maybe it will never be.. is the limited edition black croc reissue.. Ohhh...
  5. black caviar flap with GH!Now I want them ALL~
  6. i began my collection with a medium black with white CC cambon tote at 18 and never looked back! since then, i have been getting a couple of chanel bags a year. i am now looking forward to a cute satin mini flap with camelia as an evening / fun bag which is within my budget (for now) lol, she'll probably get ridiculously expensive after the price increase for a bag that fits a few lipsticks and i will give up and hunt for a new HG. lol!
  7. My first was a Cambon Pochette in 2004. My next need-to-have is another reissue!
  8. My first was a black jumbo flap w, SH...I think that next I need a clutch or possibly a wallet, oh, and sunglasses;)
  9. started with my mom's medium lambskin with gold hware...

    bought my 1st chanel is dec 2006 - a medium black lambskin with silver hware...

    now im drooling for a red jumbo caviar...:drool:
  10. My first Chanel is a Cambon flap tote, black on black. My next I hope will be another 227 reissue.
  11. My first Chanel was a vintage green crocodile bag. I hope my next one is the purple reissue.
  12. I started off with the GST. That was about two or three weeks ago. The Cerf tote is on its way. I thought I was done for a very, very long time. Now I am in love with the Diamond Stitch Tote thanks to thegraceful1's thread. :love:
  13. My first Chanel was the PST and now I want a baby cabas!
  14. My first was a GST in brown, and in less than a month i added my pink pst and my black jumbo.....and i still want more!!!!
  15. oh and i really want a white jumbo or red one next......