Which Chanel bag did you do a 360 for?

  1. I remember when the Vinyl Cabas first came out and someone posted that they wanted to get it for their daughter and the bag looked like a trash bag........well I wasn't keen on it at all but after it was no longer available I really got into big bags.......e.g. denim Cabas and now wish brought the Vinyl :crybaby:
  2. I'd say hands down my biggest change was the jumbo flap. For the longest time, I always told my self I'm not a "flap" kinda gal. I always thought they were too old-lady ish, too boring, and just not me.

    One day for the heck of it I decided to try one on and it was just love at first sight. It's like some switch just flipped in me that made me LOVE the way flaps look. *sigh* Three jumbo's later, I think it's fair to say I'm a convert.
  3. the classic LOL
    few years ago i thought i would never buy a chanel, but when i found a vintage classic, it's love at first sight! i love that it's a little rustic and used, to me it made the bag prettier :p
    i would never trade my vintage with the new flap though.
  4. i never thought i would fall for the cabas look. IMO, it was so slouchy, big and messy looking. i was psychoed into getting the vinyl large cabas and was told it looked like a trash bag on me and i sold it. when the baby cabas came out, i didn't feel it until i saw this pretty stylish actress carrying it and i was like, holy cow that looked so hot on her! i guess it's really a person's style that brings the best in a bag. after that, i was head over heels for the baby cabas and now i've been using it everyday! :graucho:
  5. the paris biarritz tote. when i first saw the tote in real life, i didn't like it. however, months later after seeing fellow tpf-er's modelling pics and the practicality of it (all weather bag), i decided to get one and love it (it's now my winter bag).
  6. jumbo flap! I am obsessed with it now, but before, I never liked it!
  7. Interesting question!

    I guess the cabas. I thought it looked stupid when I first saw it on the cover of some fashion magazine. I thought it was very gimmicky of Chanel... until I saw people post their pictures and I realized it was a great bag.

    Now I finally have the larger baby and it's my favourite bag.
  8. When i was in Japan, i saw a lady with the lipstick red caviar classic flap, couldn't stop looking.
  9. I did a 360 for the coco cabas :sweatdrop: That bag brought me over into the Chanel world :girlsigh:
  10. I think I did a 360 for each bag I got!!! But the one that means the most is the classic flap (black w/ gold harware) because it was my first and the DH bought it when we really could not afford it and the Cabas because the SA got it for me even though the waiting list was a mile long and I got to take it home BEFORE anyone else got theirs!
  11. The Jumbo Flap. I resisted for the longest time; I was adamant about not buying any classic flaps because I thought they were too boring and matronly. Boy was I wrong! This is my favorite bag now! I normally don't like to get multiples of the same style, but I already have 3 Jumbo's and have my eye on getting more in the future.

  12. The vintage ligne n/s tote. I reserved it, canceled the order, and vaccillated for the longest time about whether or not to buy it. I thought it looked too puffy and seasonal. When I finally broke down and had it sent I opened the box and was like:girlsigh:upon pulling it out. It is now one of my favorite totes.
  13. Jumbo Flap, i used to think it was boring, now I find it one of the most versitile bags ever
  14. yep, I was a jumbo convert too lol!

    I just thought it was big, boxy and dull, and couldnt understand why it could be anybodys dream bag!

    Fast forward six months, I have it now and have sold my smaller medium ones as they are just too small with the double flaps. I would certainly only buy Jumbo in a flap now :biggrin:
  15. Hehe, don't you mean "Which Chanel bag did you do a 180 for"?