Which cellphone do you have?

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  1. csc7100 > hello. sorry i don't know what a verizon is. im not too familliar with Motorolas, but this is the V3i model. and it is not the limited edition version which is black&gold, as this one is silver&gold. and yes, the charm comes with the phone. i paid AU$880 for it here in Australia.
  2. pink motorola razor.
  3. Mine's a Samsung flip phone. It's got a camera on it, which I like. It was kind of boring when I bought it, so I put crystals on it--blue and "white"--it's sparkly now!

  4. I just got the motorola a1200 aka the "ming" yesterday. Just started to play with it.

  5. Mine's a Motorola Razr V3 Magenta color which I bought it last February 2006. I placed some Swarovski "bling bling" in the screen and i also use my Gucci red/green cellphone lanyard.

  6. I LOVE my Sidekick 3 =)
  7. silver motorola razr
  8. very cheap simple phone LG flip phone that you get free with service. I want a MOTO RAZR because I am so easily influenced by ads, but I think in the end my phone is just fine for what I do.
  9. I have a Pink Razr...the Cingular one, I'm pretty happy with it for now.
  10. I use a Nokia 8210 which I have for 6 years. It's great for the battery life and the really tiny size whilst not being too difficult to hit the buttons with the nails.

    Every year I get a new phone from my operator and immediately sell it to raise money for clothes, bags, jewellery, LOL! Last month I was given a ~$650 Nokia N80 and if you think about it; if I collect together all the money from selling all my phones and spent it at once, I can easily get an lace-y, floral embroidered B-bag!

    P.S. I'm a bit old-fashioned when it come to phones, I don't load ringtones nor browse the web, I only use it for calls and text messaging :smile:
  11. I was using a Magenta Motorla Razr but have updated to a Sidekick 3 as of yesterday. :+)
  12. this one with the starfish key chain.
  13. black motorola razr!!!! i love it because it is so thin and fits everywhere!
  14. Black Motorolla RAZR
  15. baby blue razr