Which cellphone do you have?

  1. I have a Nokia 3100. It is very old, but it is small and looks nice. Plus, I don't need a camera or anything fancy. For me, a cellphone definitely has to be durable, because I drop mine all the time. :lol:

    Which cellphone do you have? What do you like about it? What do you not like about it? Post pics if you have them. :flowers:
  2. Samsung A900. I love it to death! Its just the cutest thing & has the greatest features. Its probably my favorite out of all the cell phones I've ever had.
    black 0032.jpg
  3. Here's mine, Verizon. Sorry don't know the model, nothing fancy, it's old too but it does the job! This pic is from my handbag collection catalog, it was taken this way to display the LV cellphone strap, sorry I was too lazy to take a new pic of the cellphone!
    (25) Louis Vuitton Multicolor Cellphone Strap - 230.JPG
  4. Nokia 6111:yes: .Love it cos it's small and slides open. :smile: DSC02625.JPG Sorry it's a bit dark:P
  5. i have the samsung v200 (very old though)...

  6. I have a nextel i830 I don't really like anything about it..in fact I need to go on ebay & find a nice unlocked phone but they are always $200 to $300 & thats a bit much for me since I'm saving for vacation. I don't have a pic & of course it looks like they don't offer it anymore on their website.
  7. the new sidekick 3! I LOVE it!! I hate talking on the phone, so I basically just text all the time, so its perfect for me! I had a RAZR, but i was sick of having the same phone as everyone else and it didnt have any great features!
  8. Motorola PEBL, very cute
  9. I have the T-Mobile MDA.
    It is the best because I am one of the few people that have one. The only other people I have seen with one are corporate. I cant take a pic of it because it is my camera. :P Anyways here is a link if you wanna check it out. http://www.t-mobile.com/shop/phones/Detail.aspx?device=8802ddeb-1ee4-477a-9608-d9cd1e2a903f

    I am getting a new memory card for it today so I can load all my songs on it. It has Media Player on it and I am just itching to start using it to its full capability. :yahoo:

    Oh yea I had a RAZR as well but just like ahs483 said I was sick of seeing everyone and their child using one. lol
  10. treo 650
  11. [​IMG]

    [SIZE=-2][/SIZE][​IMG]Motorola Rokr
  12. A pink motorola razr. I just got it last week!

  13. mine is very similar to this. i love it because after dropping it over a dozen times, it is still intact.
    pursemama, i love your cell phone handle.
  14. Got this in the green....[​IMG]
  15. Audiovox SMT 5600

    (Mine is a few years old now, but I rarely use my cell, so it works for me.)

    Reasons why I love it:
    -bluetooth capabilites
    -small, but yet does all the same functions of a PDA w/o the extra weight/size