Which Celine is nicer?...

  1. Which Celine is nicer, the dark navy w/ croc print (Top), OR, the medium blue with green suede lining (Bottom) and why?
    celine1.jpg celine2.jpg
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  2. Which one of them is a nicer-looking bag?
  3. Any votes, anyone?
  4. I vote for the dark navy with croc print
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  5. Thanks! Got one vote already. Any more votes? :smile:
  6. Dark navy with croc. Beautiful combo!
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  7. @FashionFan0324 Totally agree w/ others on the Croc....i think it looks super chic & classy in this combo!
  8. Croc of course
  9. Croc as well bit honestly you can't go wrong either way!
  10. i vote for navy croc :heart:
  11. I've always adored that croc! If I were to get a Phantom, it would be at the top of my list.

    The blue/green is pretty but I'd be worried about scratches in the smooth leather.
  12. Thanks everyone! So far, looks like the navy croc is winning. Any more votes? :smile:
  13. If I could only have one I'd vote for Navy Croc Embossed.
  14. One more vote for Navy Croc!
  15. Navy Croc!!!!