Which Celine Boogie should I choose?

  1. Hi,
    I'm about to order my first Celine Boogie Bag. I just don't know which one would be better. It's going to be either the soft leather (Classic) one or the shrunk leather one (Cabestan line).
    I just don't know. Which one du you prefere?
    The color is moste definitely going to be black.

    This is my very first "expensive" bag and I need somd help deciding which one to order.

    Thanks a lot for any help.
  2. can u post pic?
  3. [​IMG] The shrunk leather one
    [​IMG] The classic one
  4. My vote goes for the classic - lovely bag.
  5. Classic. I've always loved that bag.

    And welcome to tPF!!! :flowers:
  6. They're equally beautiful. I am not sure as to the leather though...if you're worried about wear and tear, the classic in calfskin might scratch much more easily. I have a black Bombay boogie bag from 03 and it's my go to bag. It's done in what they are calling drummed calfskin(as used in the Bittersweet), it has a nice slight pebbled texture to it yet velvety to the touch. It has endured, no scratches after 4 years despite the bottom having no brass feet or pebbles to cushion the leather from any surface you place the bag on. I also have the matching continental wallet and coin purse...it's really worth the money! Good luck on your purchases and I'm sure you'll be extremely pleased with Celine's quality.
  7. I like the classic one alot too. i'm just not like the white stitching on the other bag.
  8. i honestly LOVE the shrunk leather one, but i would dye the white stitching to black LOL
  9. I really like the classic style. The leather is so incredible on the boogie bags! I bought my mother one for Christmas last year and she loves it so much. Her only complaint about this bag is that she feels like the leather will get scratched easily. When she travels with her bag, she puts it in larger bag so that the Celine will not be scratched. LOL.
  10. Thanks for all your opinions. It's great to hear what you think. My big problem with the shrunk leather is the white stiching. The other one has contrast stiching too, but it looks so much better.

    Any more expiriences with the scratching of the classic one?
  11. uhmm, actually both employ white stitching...but I do get it. that's what made me re-think my black bittersweet bag lust. I ended up with the pearl color, but am still seriously thinking of getting the black one later...
    SHOWN HERE: Pearl Grey


    SHOWN HERE: Black
  12. The classic looks a lot nicer. I have a Boogie from the Cabestan line, and the long tab thing on the front pocket has a weird tendency to curl up.
  13. The classic one is better!
  14. The classic, it's lovely, & the black bittersweet is amazing :love:
  15. Vote for the classic one!