Which Celine bag?? Triumphe black or canvas Ava or white Tilly? Help


Jul 2, 2013
Hello! So i am deciding between a teen triumphe in black, white tilly or canvas Ava for this spring/summer!
Avcourse the black teen triumphe is beautiful but is it usefull/ too “showy” for spring summer?
I am totally in with Celine’s spring summer 24 style love it btw and got many pieces of this collection of clothing like the baseball jacket the flare jeans and trainer pants and platforms!
What would You suggest for the bag?
Should I go for the teen triumphe anyway as it is classic or one of the other bags for spring summer instead??
Thank You for help!


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The Triomphe in black would be my choice - it is a classic, like you said. But honestly, I don't think it would make for a perfect summer bag. It depends on your wardrobe, of course. But if you tend to wear lighter colors in summer, then go with either of the other two options. But all three of these can be dressed down or dressed up.