Which Celine Bag for a First Purchase? Trio/Nano/Belt?

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  1. It's not my first designer bag (I have a mix of Hermes Chanel, Goyard, Louis Vuitton, Proenza Schouler), but it'd be my first Celine bag. I like all 3 I have "shortlisted" but would like to narrow it down a little further. What do you think would be a good first Celine for me?

    1) Nano Luggage (leaning toward a tricolor. It's small but will fit what I need. I think it's a classic, but worried a bit if I'll still like it later on. Though I've looked at buying one for the last 1-2 years.).
    2) Micro Belt Bag (Is it a significantly heavier than the nano? And how difficult is the closure? I think the size, neither too small or too big would be perfect for my 5'2". I saw it in person and really liked the look of it, but I can't do heavy bags.)
    3. Trio (leaning toward a large over a small, but really would want it in a "fun" color. It's a bit plain, but I don't think I'll get bored of it. Better in terms of price, but very similar to my LV crossbodies).

    Any pro/cons for people who own these lovely bags?
  2. Have you tried them on to see how you feel about the look of them on you? I own the mini version of the luggage and the belt and love them both for different reasons. The luggage is a bit more of a statement piece. The belt clasp is not as bad as people make it out to be. Its not a zipper but it's totally doable. The trio is the most casual and simple of the options. I think they are 3, very good choices. Choose what works best with your style.
  3. I own all three of these bags. I'd shoot for a large trio.
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  4. I have all three and my vote goes to the trio. I have two trios and am looking to get a third one. The separate pouches helps me stay organized and I like the multi-use aspect of the bag.

    That being said, what occasions are you looking to use it for?
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  5. Just a bag to use on weekends to go out and run errands with. Do you have a large or small? Which do you like better?
  6. I've tried all of them on except the micro belt bag I liked all of them! So that makes the decision harder.
  7. Both of my trios are in small and it's more than enough room for me. I can fit a coin pouch, two card holders or a small wallet, a small make up pouch, cell phone and have some room left. The large would be a good fit if you prefer a long wallet or have a bigger cell phone.

    I wear the nano when I feel like I want my outfit to look a certain way or if I'm feeling a bag with handles.

    I use the belt bag as more of a work bag. I actually find that it can get a bit heavy even when I don't have much in it.
  8. I was actually thinking the belt bag for work but was worried about the weight even with the micro size. The large trio might be a good option then. I'm hoping for a fun color though!
  9. Based on your list, i would go for the nano luggage;)
  10. Nano! :heart::tup:
  11. Nano vs trio : if $ wasn't issue , nano is nicer and better quality .the con just little too expensive for small bag. And trio much cheaper. But I don't think trio has as good quality as nano. Belt bag is totally different style. I actually,like it so much because it has detachable strap . I think to get belt bag and nano , or belt and trio is good idea for your Celine collection . Those combination serve different purpose , one for outing and one for work . ☺️
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  12. First post! :biggrin:

    I am having a similar dilemma! I'm hoping to purchase a Celine bag towards the end of the year. In love with the Belt but I've never been a big heavy bag kind of person either so I'm leaning towards the smaller Trio instead. I like the versatility of it. But the Belt is so beautiful!

    Let us know what you decide. :smile:
  13. Have you seen the new micro belt? It looks the same as the regular belt bag but it's quite a bit smaller and has a longer shoulder strap. I don't think it would be considered big and heavy at all!
  14. I haven't seen it (no stores where I live) but I did just spot the thread on the Micro and the photos look good! Decisions, decisions...
  15. It's reassuring to see those of you who own all three recommend the Trio!
    I always wanted to purchase the belt and micro luggage, but couldn't justify the price. I bought a black trio instead. I love how it fits quite a lot and its classic design.
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