Which celebrity do you wish would disappear?


which celebrity do you wish would disappear?

  1. Paris Hilton

  2. brangelina

  3. tomkat

  4. lindsay lohan

  5. nicole richie

  6. jessica simpson

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  1. i think paris hilton and lindsay lohan :throwup:
  2. it's a toss up between bragelina, tomkat, and paris....although paris did spawn one of my favorite quotes so i cut her some slack. :supacool:

    "i love tiaras. people always take you more seriously when you're wearing jewelry on your head...." -- paris hilton, confessions of an heiress :heart::roflmfao:
  3. OMG I hate Tom Cruise
    I wish the magic spaceship would come get him already :biggrin:
  4. HANDS DOWN Nicole Richie and Paris Hilton should walk the plank together. Then all will be well in my world.
  5. i am so f-ing over lindsay lohan. please someone stop allowing her to make movies, music and tv appearances. she makes me :sick:
  6. i totally agree with you, she annoys me so much and is completely overrated.
  7. Lindsay Lohan, Because Colin Farrell had a crush on her, and I think she's totaly crasy, in a bad way.
    But First because of Colin's crush on her! Damned skinny b***y girl!:Push:
  8. Lindsay!! I really dislike her.
  9. LOL, I wish we could pick all of them.
  10. All of the above for me. :wlae:
  11. Tomkat and Paris.
  12. Amen to that :roflmfao: He probably BELIEVES it will too.
  13. all of the above. I figure their combined weight would be one regular person anyhow ;)
  14. tara reid s/b on this poll too :lol: ;) or is she not considered a real celebrity?? :roflmfao:
  15. To be honest, I'm sick of them all...You turn on the tv and there's a celeb getting interviewed....you turn up the radio and there's Paris singing her song...you go to the movies and see Lindsay in Just My Luck....you go to the store and all the magazines are talking about Suri and Tomkat...then you go to a store and the have t-shirts saying Team Nick and Team Jessica...seriously though, they all need to give it a rest...

    But if one of them did ever disapear, I'm sure they'd be on every magazine/ radio talk show/ tv show/ t-shirt/ movie/ billboard...and they'd become even more famous. oh well. I guess that's just life!