Which celebrity do you think brought back or created a certain trend?

  1. I think Kate Moss brought back black leggings and waistcoats from the 80s
  2. jennifer aniston cant be denied for her influence on hair
  3. Jennifer Aniston brought back casual chic! Her tanks, jeans and flip flops combo is perfect for anyone.
  4. nicole richie and big sunglasses??
  5. posh spice for the haircut and her posh style
  6. I know I'm a fan of the timeless beavershot, so, thank you, Britney and Paris for bringing that back.
  7. :roflmfao::roflmfao:

    and lets not forget...
    Britney ushered in and continues to develop the ..."Poptart Trainwreck"
  8. i think kate moss not only influence on certain style, she's kinda one of the first celeb who's known for vintage thrift shopping.
    she's one of the celeb who don't wear designers all the time, she mix cheap with designers.
  9. Sarah Jessica Parker and Manolos...
  10. Poptart Trainwreck

    CLASSIC!! :lol:
  11. Definitely Aniston and hair. Who can forget the Rachel?