Which Celebrity Carries LV The Best In Your Opinion?

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  1. Hi everyone, which celebrity do you think carries off LV bags the best? Thanks!:biggrin:
  2. Love jessica simpson with her speedy and leopard stephen!!!! she rocks both effortlessly!!!!
  3. i say jess too, she has just about every bag you can think of
  4. My favorite is probably Kim Kardashian...but I love how her sisters wear it too.
  5. Rihanna. She looks LV look very edgy, somehow.
  6. love kim k with her thunder!!!! i need that bag!!!!
  7. Kourtney Kardashian looks awesome with her bags also...totally chic.
  8. I second this. That girl is rock n roll through and through.
  9. I love seeing Kimora with her bags. She hasn't been in the spotlight much lately, but I still remember her pics.

    Oh, and Paris with a Miroir Alma...that photo is emblazened in my mind too!
  10. Yeah Kimora has an enormous collection!
  11. I agree Rihanna really knows how to rock a LV!!!
  12. me too lol!!!!!
  13. She's probably better known for her Hermes, but I would have to say Posh. Can't say I love her personality, but I can't deny her style.
  14. Paris, Jessica, I saw Kim K. only with keepall and alma.
  15. Definately Jessica , Im a huge fan and she carries the multicolore speedy in white so well !