Which celebrities are you TIRED OF SEEING???

  1. Everywhere I go, there they are. I can't escape them. I can't look anywhere, be it the magazines, internet and t.v, and not see their horrid faces. I get inundated with what they're wearing, what club they went to, and what the hell they ate. If there was a way to get rid of them, I would. So, here it is, my feces list:

    1. Paris Hiton- if I could kill her and legally get away with it, I would
    2. Lindsay Lohan- if I hear her speak her nonsense one more time, I'll hunt her down.
    3. Jessica Simpson- she's so old news. Find something else to do already.
    4. Jennifer Aniston- get over yourself! Just admit you're dating V.V. and stop being so anal.
    5. Ryan Seacrest- who the hell made him a celebrity? What a goober.

    So everyone, I ask for your feces list. Let it all out........
  2. Brad and Angelina! They had a baby! Wow, thats incredible!!! Ive never heard of that happening before!!!!! GO AWAY!!!!
  3. I agree with your 5 people! And I love Angelina Jolie! but I wish they would leave her alone. =(
  4. Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban - I am so sick of hearing about their wedding - all week long there has been nothing else but the wedding on the news in Aus. Anyone would think that it was novel that someone was getting married. Don't get me wrong I wish them well but there must be something else in the world happening that is more newsworthy.
  5. I most sick of Tom Cruise and Brad and The girl he left his wife for.
  6. Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes.:sick:
    I suppose Suri, too. IF she exists.:rolleyes:
  7. 1. Paris Hilton
    2. Tom Cruise
    3. Jessica Alba
    4. Jude Law
    5. Mischa Barton
  8. 1.Paris Hilton
    2. Lindsay Lohan
    3. Britney Spears
    4. Tom Cruise
    5.Jennifer Aniston!
  9. Angelina and Brad aren't even publicity hounds. If you are sick of them- blame the media and magazines. The poor woman went to another continent to give birth and the still flew over there after her.

    Anyhow, I'm tired of Beyonce. GO AWAY! Take a break- stop putting out albums every year...damn!
  10. i'm sick of angelina and brad...
  11. lindsay lohan and 'brangelina'.
  12. Tom & Katie, Nicole & her aussie doll, jennifer lopez and her zombie, Jessica Simpson, Paris Hilton, lindsay lohan.

  13. - The 'Styled by Rachel Zoo Team'; Nicole Richie, Lindsay Lohan etc.
    - Mischa Barton
    - Tom & Katie
    - Brad & Angelina
    - The Hiltons
    - The Simpsons
  14. tomkat, brangelina, paris hilton, jessica simpson, britney. everything they do is just a big yawn to me because i'm SO SICK of their faces. :smile:
  15. Paris Hilton
    Paris Hilton
    Paris Hilton