Which celeb would you choose to promote Mulberry bags?

  1. Celebs are big business when it comes to promoting designer bags.
    Having Scarlet Johannsen or Kate Moss carry a particular bag in an ad would never persuade me to buy it but celebrity endorsement does carry a lot of clout.
    IMO we Mulberry girls are above this type of subliminal brainwashing but for fun - who would you choose to promote each of the main Mulberry bags?

    I'd have Kirsty Allsop (Location, Location) with the Bayswater - because she's a classic, archetypal English rose but with her own quirky style and feisty spirit.

    Kate Winslet with Phoebe - no nonsense but high achieving.

    Nigella Lawson with Hanover (in magenta). Both extrovert!

    Who would be yours??
  2. Nicole kidman - i think she's gorgeous and has similar colouring to me so if it looks good on her might look good on me!!!!
  3. Eva Longoria with the hanover,smart,sassy,glamorous and a bit of a gal by all accounts!!! She also seems not as unattainable as some other celebs in an odd kind of way,like Meryl Streep and some of the other really high profile celebs,does that make any sense?

  4. Good choice - but which bag do you think best represents her?
  5. I've been trying to think!!! I know- the agyness!!!

    casual but elegant! (does that even make sense!!!!)
  6. How about Amy Winehouse , how many bottles could she fit in her Elgin !!!

  7. :roflmfao: Quite a few!!
  8. Sharon stone with a fitzrovia - smart and sassy
  9. Ooooooo! Good call!:tup:
  10. Liv Tyler with the Ayler - actually I think I saw a picture of her carrying it.
    Elegant but with a bohemian edge.

  11. Spot on! Perfect bag for her.
  12. She could probably fit herself in there too...!
  13. This is a fabulously distracting thread,we looked at a house yesterday and Andy is currently negotiating,we've had the first offer turned down,but the estate agent said we are close and will go back with our next offer,I want to go out as its killing me waiting for the fone call from Andy,but I'm scared to in case I miss it,my pnd is going into overdrive and I'm flitting all over tpf looking for distractions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Anyway next celeb......... Cindy Crawford with a Roxanne?
    Or Christy Turlington with a Bayswater in soft lilac
    Linda Evangelista with a baby pink East West Bayswater
    And Niaomi Campbell with a purple Jaquetta?
  14. Sienna Miller with a chocolate joni + gwyneth paltrow with a claret araline. This is a very distracting thread- must go and hoover!!!
  15. Hmmm, Keira Knightly with a Knightsbridge in oak...............