Which celeb has the most designer bags?

  1. I was just kicking around the internet and stumbled across this:
    Nicole Style - Bags 1

    I can only dream of seeing some celebrity closets of real collectors.
  2. Lindsay Style - Bags 1

    Check out Lindsay Lohan! She has more but, Nicoles were probably paid for where as Lindsay's were given to her! Lilo does not take care of her bags.
  3. i really think nicole and lindsay share bags sometimes... they always have the same exact handbags. not that i don't think that they can't afford it, but since they're friends AND share the same stylist, i really wouldn't be surprised if the bags came from their stylist and they just borrowed from rachel zoe all the time.
    but between them, i think lindsay probably has the most bags. every single new designer bag out there, she's got it!
  4. Victoria Beckham definitely has the most handbags :biggrin:
  5. yeah, i think that victoria have a great bag collection.
  6. I think that Lindsay has more bags. I noticed that Nicole usually stick to one brand for a certain time, then she gets all colors. But Lindsay has a wide collection of different brands, and in different colors too. After looking at these pics, I just CRAVED for more bags.... *sigh*
  7. I think V.Beckham is the queen of handbags
  8. It seems like the one with the most bags is Lohan.... but that might be because I dont really see as many pics of Victoria Beckham.

    The colors on the Balenciaga bags are sooooo gorgeous! mmmm Apple!
  9. I don't know about the most handbags in general but I think the one who has the most LV is Kimora Lee Simmons.
  10. how do you know Lohnan got given most of her bags?
  11. Just a guess. She is the hottest right now for style. Wouldn't you want her to carry your design? And from some of the previous photos submitted on TPF she doesn't take care of them.:shrugs:
  12. Kimora is still the queen of handbags. :yes:
  13. :yes:
  14. I say Paris has loads. But all the Footballers wifes {wags} have loads ,you do see them all in the mags every day with a different chloe bags and in different colours etc :smile:
  15. A part of Kimora's collection. :nuts:
    kimora1.jpg kimora2.jpg kimora3.jpg