Which celeb do you think is the biggest fan of LV....

  1. One of the biggest celeb LV fans would have to be Jessica Simpson...who else???
  2. I always see Angelina Jolie. :yes:
  3. I was going to say Jessica Simpson!!

    I also see Paris Hilton with ALOT of LV items (both real and FAKE)
  4. I think the biggest fan is probably Kimora Lee Simmons, then Jessica Simpson! )
  5. Jessica Simpson, is there a bag she doesn't have?
  6. I know Angie Harmon LOVES her LV!!!:graucho:
  7. Jessica Simpson!!

    LV Addict-- I LOVE Angie Harmon!! She is sooo beautiful! Do you know which LV pieces she has?
  8. Jessica Simpson is the one I see with the latest LV...and a MC wapity! Wow, only a true LV lover would have all its accessories too.
  9. Jessica Simpson.
    She is a walking advertisement. Do you think they would ever make her a model?
  10. Definitely Jessica S.
  11. Kimora Lee, then Jessica Simpson...and possibly Ashlee after that haha...
  12. Kimora Lee Simmons beats them all! Lol
  13. Kimora Lee Simmons, and Jessica Simpson
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