Which CDC?


Which one?

  1. Shiny gator Blk PHW

  2. Matte Bleu de Malte PHW

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  1. Which one should I pick??? Both are neutral.. I would want both eventually, but should only get one right now. Which one is harder to come by? so I can get it first, and not regret later..
  2. I would say the Blue de Malte is more rare, especially in matte. Black is a staple and should not be hard to find later on. JMO!
  3. Bleu de malte comes in shiny too?
  4. You know, that's a good point. I don't know! I always assumed that colors would be made in both shiny and matte, but perhaps not. In any case, BdM in matte is a really beautiful skin. But if you prefer shiny, it might be worth asking your SA if the BdM is available in shiny! And let me know if you do, because now I'm curious!
  5. Yes ladies bdm comes in shiny. It's beautiful. I imagine matte is equally special. I voted got the bdm! Good luck!
  6. :yes::yes: Agreed!
  7. BdM is seasonal, so only available for a short time. Black will always be around. So, go for BdM in matte!
  8. Bleu de Malte Matte Gator Collier de Chien PHW.
  9. ^ITA! BdM.
  10. Color color color!!!!!!!
  11. Bdm :smile:
  12. Thank you! I've only seen it in matte--it is really beautiful!
  13. BdM
  14. BdM.
  15. Matte Bleu de Malte PHW sounds gorgeous!