Which catalog shows the Legacy Stripe stuff?

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  1. I want to buy an old catalog that shows all of the legacy stripe stuff...but which one is it? I see several on eBay that say 65th anniversary, so I am assuming one must be it, but not sure which one.
    Can an expert please help me out? I am somewhat new to Caoch, am obsessed with the legacy stripe, and need to have the catalog along with all the items!:tender:
    What does the cover look like?
  2. I did not know that they sold the old catalogs. If you can find out which one it is and if I have it I will send it to you for free.
  3. The catalogs that I have with the Legacy products are:
    Keycode # IB28
    Keycode #BB31.

    Maybe if you call the 800#, Coach still has these available to send to you.
    Hope that helps!
  4. it's got a white cover and says coach 65 th anniversary in gold script...the inside cover page has the legacy stripes, at least that's what mine looks like
  5. Here is a pic of both catalogs with the Legacy products.

  6. I"m with you...that was the first legacy catalog I got...

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  7. I checked my old catalogs and I did not keep either one of those. Sorry about that. Maybe the 800# can help. I would hate for you to have to pay for something that was mailed out for free.
  8. Thank you everyone. I knew I was asking the experts! I called Coach and they said they might have some and to call back tomorrow to customer service to find out. Can I get the number of the white one with the gold writing?
  9. i'd love to see all the legacy stripe beauties on display too. i'm like obsessed w/legacy.
  10. The keycode on mine is IB27