which cartier?!

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  1. I'm planning on buying a cartier watch.
    s/s tank franc... but not sure which size to get.

    the small or the medium? such a dilemma...:shrugs:

    i tried on both today, but left empty handed

    please help ladies! what are your thoughts on the small and medium ??

    *i usually wear a movado watch (24mm)
    and for reference, i am 5ft 2 & weigh about 105lbs.



  2. With your frame I think either one would look good on you. I personally like larger watches and I think the medium would look really nice. However it is a matter of personal choice. How did you feel in each size? Did either one speak more to you? I am assuming no b/c you left empty-handed. You could try on other watch styles (from Cartier and other comparable brands) and maybe that will give you a better feel for what your personal taste is.

    Keep us posted on your purchase; it's exciting to buy a nice watch!

  3. you're right... neither one felt better than the other..
    but i felt that the medium was bigger than i expected.

    i will definitely keep things posted ;)
  4. I had the men's small Tank Francaise a few years ago and loved it. Sold that one, wore Swatch for six years, and recently got the La Dona s/s with the larger face and am VERY happy with it. I prefer larger watches, though.
  5. I would get the small.
  6. I think the smaller one will look more elegant, while the larger one will look more sporty.
  7. get the midsize ( medium) its an in btw size and it fits everyone perfect.
  8. i like the larger, i actually have the mens small...and i have tiny wrists, but i am tall. it seemed really large at first, but i love the size.
  9. Thanks for the input. At the moment, I am leaning more torwards the mid size.
    But could someone clarify please... the midsize tank is not marketed as a woman's or men's watch. is this correct?

  10. Thanks for the input!

    At the moment, I am leaning more towards the mid size.

    But could someone clarify for me.. is the "Cartier Midsize Francaise Watch #51011Q3" the same as a watch simply advertised as cartier tank 51011Q3?

    I am thinking of ordering online, and am a little confused..

    Thanks again ;)
  11. We are the same size... I thought the medium was way too large for me.
  12. One thought - the medium comes with date display, but the small doesn't. For that reason I would prefer the medium myself. Good luck! Gorgeous watch.
  13. I recently bought Santos Demoiselle(small). I'm 5'4 and 100Lbs, with very thin wrists(5"). Small looks better than midsize on me, even two of SA said so, my husband thinks otherwise though.
  14. I have pretty thin wrists (5.5") and when I end up purchasing the Tank Francaise I'd get the midsize. I dislike this same watch in the smaller style... looks old to me. jmo!
    I think the midsize is a good size- not too large or too small and has a current feel to it.

    whatever size you end up with, it'll be a classic so you really can't go wrong. sizing is a personal preference but the watch & style is timeless!