Which Cartier watch to add to my collection? (Photo of my watches included)

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  1. Hi everyone! It’s been a long time since I’ve posted! I would love some help deciding on a new Cartier watch. The photo is of the watches in my collection I wear the most. (L-R is Ebel, Michele, Michele, Tissot, Bulova (Tank wannabe) and Bulova.)


    Which of the following Cartier watches would you get if you were me?

    I’m considering the Roadster, the Cle, the Ballon Bleu and the Tank Solo. Pretty much in that order of preference. All in stainless steel. I am so undecided! Help!

    I found a new Roadster for $4600 at Costco. A couple of gray market online sites has it as well. The others are current watches at Cartier.

    Thanks for any suggestions!
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  2. Here's a photo of the Roadster on my wrist. Roadster.jpg
  3. All great choices and all should be in your collection... please forgive me... I am an enabler ! lol. If your order is correct and your true desire... then start with the Cartier Roadster. Especially if it's at Costco at that price. You will get all the bells and whistles, box, inner box, pillow, their warranty and Cartier's warranty, and you know that it's authentic, but you won't get the Cartier shopping bag, white folded paper and wax seal, and that's not that big of a deal, the watch is. Then get the Cle, the Ballon Bleu and finish off with the Tank Solo. Pace yourself... or not, but get the Cartier Roadster out of your system... if you don't, you are gonna go to Costco and find out that they sold out of your Cartier Roadster and you will be kicking yourself every time you have to make a Costco run. The food samples won't taste as good as they once did because your appetite has been ruined because you missed out on great deal.
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  4. Best reply I've ever seen! I am laughing about the samples not tasting as good! :biggrin: Thank so much for the reply, I really appreciate it. The Roadster is so beautiful. I may have to make the trip this week. :heart:
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  5. Goody... you won't regret it... however, I must warn you... servicing on a Cartier watch is pretty expensive... you might need to have a service done every 3 to 4 years if you wear your watch often.
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  6. I know this is an older thread, but I’m curious if you purchased the roadster, and if so, how are you enjoying it? I am contemplating adding a preowned roadster to my collection, but as I’ve been scouring all the old Cartier threads, there aren’t too many roadster modeling photos (there are a handful, but they are older and would love to see current photos.)

    is the roadster heavy? I currently own 2 other Cartier watches (the Louis in YG and the panthers in SS) and have been contemplating either the Tank Francaise in two tone or finding a preloved two tone roadster.
    Would love to know your thoughts on your roadster!
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  7. I ended up buying the 36mm Ballon Blue from an AD. I LOVE it and I've worn it every single day since purchasing. However -- I am soooo sorry I didn't buy the Roadster first. As a matter of fact, last weekend I just returned to the Costco that had the Roadster and if they still had it, I was buying it. Alas, it was sold. :sad:

    The BB is slightly heavier than my other watches but not something I pay attention to. I never think about it. I'd say the Roadster was about the same weight?

    Good luck with your decision! The Roadster is retired and unless they bring it back, it's getting harder to find them.

  8. Oh my gosh @Wildflower, thank you so much for replying! I went today to a boutique (I luckily have one nearby) and tried on the BB TT YG/SS in the 33mm size, as well as the BB TT RG/SS with diamond markers. I was never lucky enough to play with roadsters when they were still in-stores, but based on what little info I could find on the forum/blogs/etc., I think the hunt for the two-toned small (30mm) sized roadster is what I’m leaning towards. I did really like the 33mm BB I tried, but am a bit hesitant about it being automatic. I know there are watch aficionados who would cringe at my next words, but I’m a lazy person and don’t want to wind something...
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  9. I have a two automatic watches and I love them. The other one is a Tissot and I don't wear it very often now. Since I wear the BB almost every day (not always on weekends), I haven't had to wind it very much -- keeps perfect time! The few times I have had to set the time, I just give it a wind or two and that's all it needs.

    Love the two-toned Roadster!
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