Which Cartier Santos? Please help!

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    I am trying to get a more casual watch for days when I don't want to wear my Rolex. For weekends or running errands etc. I found those two pre-owned Santos at the same price point from a reputable dealer.

    The one on the left is automatic, year 1999 with box and paper. The one on the right is quartz, year 2008 (from serial number) with box but no paper. The quartz one is in slightly better condition with the bracelet.


    1) do you think this is too masculine looking? They are men’s sizes but it was from when men sizes were not huge. (Cartier then did those really really big ones.) I am 5'4 size UK 6/8.

    2) Which looks better? I personally prefer the face of the right one but I’m worried about it not having the original paper.

    Thank you all in advance!
  2. Based on looks alone i prefer the one on the right. I dont know how worrisome it is not to have the papers though. And i dont think they look to masculine. They both look good on you so u cant go wrong with either! : )

    Good luck with your choice!
  3. Thank you BreadnGem! I guess the paper is only important when it comes to sell it. But I don't think I will be any time soon.
  4. I prefer the face on the right one as well, the larger roman numerals just match the style and size of the watch better.
  5. Hm, I would also prefer the right one. The face looks more appealing to me. But personally, I wouldn´t buy a watch without papers. Just imagine you give it to Cartier for a service and then it comes out that it is stolen or fake or whatever.
    One option would be to ask your seller to call Cartier and ask them for checking the serial number. When it´s ok, then I would buy it.

    Did you have a look at the Santos Demoiselle? I´m craving this one in midsize - it´s so classic and more feminine, but still sleek and elegant for everyday.
  6. Thanks for your input. The watch is from a reputable dealer and the serial number has already been checked.
  7. Sorry missed this. There aren't that many Santos Demoiselle on the market.
  8. Yes I know, they are quite rare. But I think with the Santos you make a good choice. A classic that will never go out of style. Somehow like Rolex :smile:
  9. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!
  10. I prefer the looks of the 2008 watch on the right. I think I like that one best because it doesn't have the second markers; it looks more polished without those IMO. I wouldn't worry too much about the papers, since you're confident the watch is real. There are probably lots of other people out there who'd still buy it without papers...as evidenced by you considering the watch yourself. A well-informed buyer won't be deterred by lack of papers if the watch is a good deal (if you ever did decide to sell it).
  11. Thank you nc.girl! I too love the classic no fuss look of the one on the right.
  12. The one on the right seems made for your wrist. It just seems at home there. Love that one.
  13. Thank you emchhardy!
  14. The one on the right looks lovely. Am I the only one who is bothered by the fact that the screws on these watches are tightened so randomly? Is it a symptom of OCD to wish that they were all symmetrical?
  15. I LOVE this watch! The two tone in the ladies small size is my #1 on my wish list slated for next spring for my combined b-day anniversary gift. Of course I love it in all it's variations though and the all SS looks fantastic too. With out a question the more simple face of the quarts is my preference. I don't care for the extra number markers and glow in the dark hands on that automatic, plus I would want the newest model made in my budget. I would not mind one bit getting one w/out papers as long as I knew for sure and certain it was authentic as you do in this case. It sounds like the quartz is the one you love and the only thing that was holding you back was the lack of certificate. Enjoy that gorgeous Santos!

    LOL Minpin about the randomness of the screws direction! I definitely noticed that about these watches but realize that it's better for it be random than my noticing any are off in symmetry lol. I also consider myself ocd in certain areas, like if a floor is spotless I'll bend down and pick up a piece of lint, a little string or what not. And then other times I'm just whatever I'll not do it and just do the floors all over again and let them go.