Which Carly?

  1. I have been thinking about this bag for ages. I actually purchased a Medium Black Signature and a Large Khaki and Red on separate occasions and returned them both.

    I am 5'5 and 135 lbs and I love the large (I think the medium looks too small) but I do have some back problems so I would have to be careful to not stuff her or I wouldn't be able to carry her all the time. I love the Khaki and Red but think Black Signature would be better for my wardrobe.

    Should I just go for it??? Maybe just get the Large Signature Black???
  2. It sounds as though you have made your decision! Black sig large carly is beautiful! I want the black leather one :smile:
    I have a khaki one and she goes with everything from black to brown, so keep that in mind. :smile: But black can be dressiest and more discreet.
  3. i say go for the black one.
  4. i just got the black med and love it!
  5. Black sig carly oohhh sooo yummy:drool: if i didnt want a legacy leather shoulder bag ssoooo bad carly would be my next purchase.:yes:
  6. I love my large Carly, but haven't been able to carry her since I just had two back surgeries. You mentioned that you have back problems, so I just wanted to let you know that she is heavy because of all the hardware, but she's beautiful.