Which Carly????

  1. I want to purchase a carly off eBay.... Its the denim or the sig black and gray.... I cant decide which one. Its the large carly for 329 BIN is that a good price???? which one would u choose??? does macys have carlys???
  2. The black sig is just straight black on black....there shouldn't be any gray. And for a large one, $329 is an okay price since it retails for $398 in the regular sig. The denim ones were at the outlets but I don't know how much they were there. Macy's does have Carlys but it"s basically the new colors.....I've seen black, brown, and khaki with the black and saddle trim.
  3. ok.... this s the one i meant the chocolate sig !!!!! i cant make up my mind!!!
  4. There is no black and gray carly... but the denim ones have been at the outlets, so technically they are worth less. I would get the chocolate sig, it is soooo pretty! especially in the large, the siggy doesn't scream but you can see it and the color is to die for!!! let us know what you decide, good luck!! :tup:
  5. Go for the chocolate! The signature is nice and subtle, but still beautiful. Plus brown is such a hot color.
  6. My daughter has the chocolate and it is really cute.
  7. just make sure you post the link on authenticate this thread just to be safe :tup:
    good luck !!