Which Carly???

  1. The Signature black, the signature khaki, the new cotton chocolate C's, or the leather parchment???

    What size medium or pouch???

    Id I got the black could I use it during the summer?
  2. medium sig/saddle...I have one and I :heart: it....it goes with everything!
  3. Medium chocolate. That's what I'm craving!
  4. I'm starting to crave some chocolate too, Nicole! It's so cute!
  5. Do you mean demi or pouch? or Medium?
  6. I am debating between the medium or the pouch. Does anyone have any pics of the black carly on? I really love the chocolate, but I am not sure if it is the everyday with everything kind of bag. What do you think?
  7. Girl... you KNOW what my vote is... definitely anything cotton chocolate... lol...
  8. Medium cotton in the chocolate C's...or the Medium khaki sig. But I'm rootin' for the cotton just because it's unique.
  9. Oh, I think it goes with everything. I'm going to use it as an everyday bag.
    Look at me...talking as if I am ready to run out and purchase it! Ha ha.
  10. ok....this might make you think - the pouch is actually LARGER than the demi in cubic inches! Do the math - you can antually get more stuff in the pouch!!!
  11. Careful, the Medium Chocolate is only like 10.5 inches wide! Unless the lady on the phone lied to me! I was gonna get it but it's too small so I gotta spend the money on the large. I MUST have tho. O_O
  12. I vote the chocolate one!!!!
  13. medium chocolate!

    (wow, sounds like i'm ordering something at Dairy Queen hehehe)
  14. After seeing Jane's pictures I am in love with the chocolate canvas....
  15. i say go with the black one in medium. its really pretty in person.