Which Carly?

  1. So I've decided out of all the bags on my wishlist, the Carly is first up. The other bags are similar to others I already have, and the Carly, besides be gorgeous, is very different from my usual style. I need a change for the spring/summer. So now I need help choosing size and style.

    Size: Regular or Large

    Style: Cotton Chocolate Sig like Jane just got, Canvas in natural/cognac, or Sig in khaki/saddle.

    I think I need to see all of them in person to make my final decision but I just wanted to get opinions first.

  2. i'd do large chocolate. it's diff. from what everyone perceives of as "COACH" and the larger just has more room. i have a medium and lament it's restricted size.

    good luck w/your decision ;)
  3. You probably may as well go large. I'd go with the khaki/saddle signature just because. I am not really a fan of the new Chocolate one though I know I'm in the minority there. Though who knows, it may grow on me. I like the canvas but I just like the signature better.
  4. large sig in khaki/saddle! it's so versatile and roomy and gorgeous!
  5. Get the one that you like the most but do get it in the larger size. This way you can fit all your stuff in it.
  6. I guess I'm in the minority, but for me, it's the small. I'm only 5'--how tall are you? The lg one looked wayyyy too big on me, but may look fine on you. Def. go try them out first. If the lg one fits, it is great & so comfy with the shoulder strap (actually stayed on my shoulder, unlike the ergo).
  7. I prefer the chocolate and the smaller size. :smile:
  8. I have a regular Carly in the khaki/saddle sig. I LOVE it! I'm 5'3 and it's the perfect size for me.
  9. I picked the kahki saddle one because I would be too nervous with the white/chocolate one (although it is gorgeous). I just know the Carly is going to be like an every day bag for me and I want it too lookgood for a log time -I don't want to have to baby it forever. I also picked the large - even though I don't tote around ahuge amountof stuff - I love the look of a large slouchy bag.
  10. Thanks everyone! You brought up some good points. I would be using this as an everyday bag so I am leaning towards the sig in saddle for that reason.
  11. A few days ago I ordered the medium carly in khaki chambray (blue). Cant wait to get it:yahoo:
  12. It depends on how much stuff you carry in it and if you are a big bag girl. My vote is for the regular size legacy chocolate cotton or the khaki/saddle. Any of you ladies that has the regular carly can you tell me the actual length measurement across the bottom of the bag. Several people commented that the Coach product measurements are not accurate. I would really appreciate anyones help. Thanks:smile:
  13. I would get the regular chocolate!
  14. My vote is for the cotton chocolate sig... :yes: definitely...

    Whatever you get, make sure to post lots of pics!!!
  15. Chocolate!!! I need to order mine so I'll have it next week!!!!!!! yeek!!!