Which Carly to get..black/white or plain black?

  1. I have the Khaki/Saddle Carly right now and LOVE it! I need a black bag though and am torn between the all black Carly or the black/white Carly..which actually looks black/gray to me. Please tell me which you would buy. I will see which one gets the most votes..lol!!! I don't know how to post pics or I would.
  2. Do you have any pictures for visual aid??
  3. i feel silly for not being able to find it, but i could only find brass/black & white/parchment on the site, nothing with white & black. you're right about the black looking grayish because it's actually brass on black, so the leather of the bag is supposed to be a bit lighter than the handles. i think if you need/want a new black bag, get that one. white can get dirty easily, but i would personally prefer it since i think the contrast of the 2 colors together in the bag is really pretty!! :smile:
  4. Sorry ladies...I didn't mean the leather ones.. I mean the fabric ones..what are they called the signature material? I am gonna try to post these pics I hope it works. [​IMG][​IMG]
    There did that work... torn between these 2 and I like how the black/white has the silver hardware. I think silver looks better with black than the gold.
  5. I like both but I lean slightly toward the all black for some reason.
  6. Well i just ordered the black/black carly. So I am partial to that one.
  7. I like the all black better :yes:
  8. i like the black on black better. I'm not really a fan of the other combo for some reason.
  9. All black signature.
  10. I like the black/black as well but sent a pic to my sister of the 2 and she says the black/white... maybe she wanted me to get the uglier one? LOL
  11. well that's a sister for ya???!!!!! LOL I like the black/black!!! VERY elegant and classy!!! :yes:
  12. I have the black sig one and I absolutely LOVE it! It has replaced my chocolate Carly as my favorite bag to carry! It looks great and can be dressed up or down. If only they made an all-black Carly with silver hardware. I'd be all over that!
  13. That is exactly what I thought. That black would look great with silver hardware although I live in Steelers country so the black/brass combo is very good for the Steelers season!! It will match the attire well.
  14. :lol:

    Maybe she just liked the other one better and wanted to "borrow" it :p
  15. I like the black/black.