Which Carly to choose???

  1. Hello everyone!!! I have a quick question....

    On Monday, I get to order a new Carly, and I've decided that I'd like it to be khaki/sig. But....I'm having a difficult time deciding whether or not I should get the khaki/beet or khaki/black. What do you think? Which one?
  2. TIA for any responses!!!:heart:
  3. Oh man... both are sooooooooooo nice!! *lol* How about this? You buy both and send one to me. We'll use them for a month and then switch off through the mail!! Whoo-hoo!!! ^_^
  4. I LOVE the beet trim!!

  5. LOL! Sounds like a deal!!!
  6. Beet! It's gorgeous!!!
  7. I like the khaki/beet but I really, really like the khaki/black! I just like that combination alot! Either one is going to be awesome though so you can't go wrong! What goes best with your wardrobe?
  8. Yes yes yes!! *lol*

    But seriously, both are beautiful. Okay, well, if it was me I'd only wear the khaki/beet if I had clothes that really matched with the beet... that's just me. So I guess I'd get the khaki/black just because the black would go with almost everything. But like I said, that's just me. I know so many people who wouldn't care about matching the slightest trim...

    The beet is really beautiful though... Geez, I'm no help.
  9. I like the Khaki/Beet because not everyone has that bag you know? I like both though. The khaki/black is neutral/go with anything though.
  10. Ohhh, the Beet is gorgeous!!! I'mthinking of buying that one myself!!!!!
  11. Thanks everyone for your responses!!! I'm still confused. I LOVE the beet, but the contrast between the black/khaki is gorgeous to....I dunno. Do you think I could still wear the beet in the spring/summer? I'm trying to get something that will be good for the whole year.
  12. i love the khaki/black
  13. I'd do the black! Goes with everything! I looove looove the white though! I might have to ask for it for xmas tee hee
  14. Yeah, I know what you mean, skinny. The white is goooorgeous...I just know I'd get it dirty!

    I think the beet color is HOT, but there is just something I LOVE about the black/khaki together....I dunno. I'm afraid whichever one I get, I will regret not getting the other. :sweatdrop:
  15. The more and more I see the khaki/black Carly, the more in love I am with it... :biggrin: