Which Carly size for a petit girl?

Which Carly Size?

  • CARLY SIGNATURE Style No: 10619

  • New SLIM CARLY SIGNATURE Style No: 11648


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ms p

so blessed
Jan 9, 2007
Hi all, i'm 5'1 and petit in built (pre pregnancy anyway :Push:smile:. Which Large Black Signature Carly size do u think will suit me better for my frame? I'll not be going to a store anytime soon to try out in person so posting this thread for opinions. TIA :flowers:

Carly #1: CARLY SIGNATURE Style No: 10619,15 (L) x 9 1/2 (H) x 5 (W), 6 1/2” drop, $348
- the drop maybe not so comfortable with winter coat/ down jacket?

Carly #2: New SLIM CARLY SIGNATURE Style No: 11648, 15 3/4 (L) x 11 1/2 (H) x 5 1/2 (W), 10” drop, $378
- the drop maybe too long for me?

Carly #3: CARLY SIGNATURE LARGE Style No: 10620, 17 (L) x 13 (H) x 6 (W), 7” drop, $398
- seems like the perfect drop but the 17" length is really Big?
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Jun 11, 2007
BTW CONGRATS!!!!! I prefer the large Carly b/c I love the drop and slouch on her and I am 5'2". When you fill her w/ your stuff, she slouches down and she doesnt appear as big as she is. The good thing about the large for you is that you can also carry this bag once the baby is born and stuff diapers and changes of clothing, etc in her and still look stylish!!!! I have been stuffing my kids' hats and gloves in her when we shop!!! Good luck w/ your decision!!!
Jul 25, 2007
Well I'm only 5" and fairly petite in build, and I have a medium Carly. I prefer my bags to be on the larger size, and this one is perfect for me - large enough but not too overpowering. I think the large Carly would definitely be too big for you, and I'm not too familiar with the slim Carly. I am able to wear my medium over my shoulder w/a coat on with no problem.


Nov 25, 2007
I vote LARGE!!!! I was in this SAME EXACT situation last week! I wound up buying TWO LARGE Carly's because I loved them so much when I tried them on and couldnt decide on the color!! I am BARELY 5 feet tall and VERY VERY thin, and the large Carly looks SUPER on me! I felt the medium was not comfortable on me and rested too close to my armpit. The slouch on the large is amazing! And it fits great w/ a down jacket (the medium didnt fit well on me with my down jacket on. The drop was too short). I vote LARGE CARLY all the way!!!!!


Jun 9, 2007
I'm barely 5' also petite in built and I've tried both medium and large Carly's in person (not the slim, though) and thought medium was the best choice. Even the medium felt a little big on me but that was without stuff and therefore, no slouching yet. I'd guess medium will work best for you. The large will probably cover most of your upper body as seen from the side view and I don't know if you'd like that look.


Smiling :)
Aug 2, 2006
i am 5"2 and i have gone through many episodes of buying and then returning the carly/slim carly/large carly.long story short i now have the medium carly and i feel it is perfect for my height and petite frame.

This is me, to a tee.. except I am 5'10" and decided the medium is totally for me. :yes: I love it, it holds all my stuff with room to spare, has a nice drop and slouch without looking sloppy or huge.. however, everyone has their own taste and you will learn with the varied responses here that you will have tall with the medium and short with the large, and everything in between. Hopefully you can get the one you want and love it, it's a great bag!!! :yahoo:


Aug 12, 2007
I am 5'3'' and I weigh 115lbs. The medium works best and looks best on me. The large Carly was too big for me. However I have seen pics of tpfs that are smaller than me and the large carley looks great on them.



Oct 11, 2007
I'm barely 5'3" and I bought the large Carly. The drop on the medium was a little too small for me & didn't slouch nearly as much as the large. There was no way it was going over a winter coat with me. I really preferred the slim, but the strap is patent leather & kept sliding off my shoulder. At this point, I'd recommend the large because the drop is great, and to echo mommyville, you'll have room to carry things for the baby if you wish. Good luck :tup:

ms p

so blessed
Jan 9, 2007
thanks girls for the comments and votes :smile:. i've being staring at the carly pics at coach website for the past hours :wacko: and decided no slim carly. ok so it's either the medium or large now :sweatdrop: -> off to look at more pics!