Which Carly should I have?

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  1. Should I keep my black large leather Carly or get the large black signature Carly? I love leather but I don't know if I love it in the Carly style...hmmm opinions please! Thanks everyone!
  2. I vote signature :tup: Personally I think signature looks best in any Carly. :yes:

  3. I think I have to agree, the leather just looks like there is too much and it looks so much bigger. I don't know I love the feel of leather but I love my bags screaming Coach with the signature fabric :lol: hehe
  4. I prefer signature on the Carly also. It just goes very well together.
  5. I like the carly in signature too but the leather is really beautiful! Hard decision, sorry I'm not any help! Get both! haha!
  6. I love the signature Carlys... unless it's the Chocolate Leather :drool: YUM!!!!!!!!!
  7. I love the sig. carlys. The signature gives it a little extra something. Plus I'm biased because I have two...lol. But I think the black leather is gorgeous too. I probably wouldn't have leather only because I would be afraid of scratches. I'd be paranoid....lol!
  8. While the leather is gorgeous, the signature has an added "pop" in the carly style!
  9. I agree with the crowd too.. Carly looks best with signature especially chocolate signature:woohoo:
  10. i have blacksig. foudn the leather is a bit plain
  11. Another one for the signature Carly. The C's are for Carly anyway, right?! :graucho:
  12. Signature!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. I say Signature too!!!
  14. Signature. It has a better slouch than the leather.
  15. I am going with the crowd, I vote Signature.