Which card holder, help?

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  1. Hi all! I’m going to Paris next week and thinking to buy a lilttle souvenir from Chanel. Just a card holder that fits in small bags (like woc) and easily move into other big bags. Please help me choose between these 2? Thanks!
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  2. I‘d go for the second option because I personally would be bothered to constantly have to open up the first card holder. The regular one just has easy access
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  3. I like the second one
  4. I vote for the second one also.
  5. Second one! I have several of this model and love it. Simple, classic, holds just enough for me (though I don't carry much) and fits in even the smallest of bags.
  6. Second one! I had the first one and didn't like how the front flap always seemed to lift up and didn't stay closed. The second one is great for smaller bags :smile:
  7. I would go for the second one :smile:
  8. first!
  9. 2nd one!
  10. Second one!
  11. 2nd one!
  12. I like the first one. I have this myself. It is lined in the contrasting dark red leather.
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  13. That sounds beautiful!
  14. 2nd one
  15. I was going to go with the second one but it was too small for me :sad: