Which card holder? Classic Red lamb vs Chevron Black calf

Oct 9, 2016
Hi all, I'm tossing between these two card holders and would really value your opinions. They're in the same styles (open style with the ID slot).
They are:

1/Red lambskin with the classic diamond quilts and light GHW
2/Black aged calf skin with chevron and brushed matte GHW (looks like it)

They differ a bit on costs too, the black I'll have to buy via a personal shopper so there's extra fee on top, and I have to let her know soonish..
I've put their photos here as well as a photo of all the slgs i've got so far..not sure if adding one more red will be too much red or black will be too much black :confused1:

If anyone who owns either (or both!) can share their experience of how they wear that'd be great too!

Thanks so much!! Don't know why I tend to be more indecisive for slgs than for bags (maybe because they're so small and cute!)


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Nov 30, 2012
Los Angeles, CA
I'm not sure if I like either to be honest [emoji53]

The red seems too orange. I don't prefer orange items. If it was more of a true red/lipstick red then I would pick it. I have the Lambskin quilted (in blue) and I adore her! It's very CHANEL and classic.

As for the black, I LOVE chevron but I think it looks weird on the cardholder. I also do not like aged calfskin, it's too wrinkly for me, it doesn't feels as luxurious IMO. Hope this helps!


Jul 11, 2006
I really like that piece, looked at it a few times but I have a couple LV wallets of the same kind of style so I always pass... In any case, I like all of the options (maybe even the green the best but that's not one of your choices lol). But that being said, looking at your collection right now I'd almost wait to see what other colors/materials become available. You don't really have a need for a black or a red piece and I personally would think that case would wear so much better in a durable material. If I had to chose one I'd go with the Chevron. but in a color, but that's just me :smile:


Apr 15, 2015
Sunny Florida
I looked at this flip style card holder a few years ago and passed on it because it seems to hold as much as the flat card holder, but it takes up more space and needs to be opened to access cards. I think it looks absolutely adorable though! Personally, between the red quilted or the black chevron, I would go with the black chevron because I believe that one is made from calf (?), so is more durable and because I don't care for this particular shade of red. But you have several black SLGs in your collection already, so if that army green one is available, that would be my second choice. As others have mentioned, if none of these make your hears sing, I would recommend waiting. GLD!