Which caramel bag--Dance With a Star or Biker Babe?

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  1. Which one of these do you prefer in caramel?
  2. I would pick Biker Babe!
  3. I like the Biker Babe.
  4. i just got my caramel biker babe (see pics in photo thread) and can tell you it's even more gorgeous in person!
  5. Biker Babe for me personally
    BUT I also think the DWAS is neat because it has the divided compartments! (OK, my response probably didn't help you at all!)
  6. HMMMMMMMMM omg I don't know! I really really don't know....
  7. If I had a choice, I would go with the DWAS. It's a totally rad bag! I have a Boogie and in my opinion the Biker Babe is just too similar. I loooooove the caramel color, it's HOT!
  8. Both!!!!!!

  9. Yes! One of the reasons I love this place :heart:.
  10. oh, if like enabling, we are the BEST here!!
  11. I lov ethe DWAS, but I chose the BB for myself in caramel so I would say Biker Babe.
  12. I kind of loveee the DWAS bag It's so unique!
  13. I love the dancing with the star and I think in caramel it would be gorgeous
  14. I LOVE LOVE my Caramel DWAS!!!
  15. ^^Yeah....it's a smokin' hot bag! :yes: