Which car/SUV should I choose?...long!

  1. Hello, all! I was hoping you could read my thoughts on the cars/suvs that I test drove the other day and throw your opinions/experiences in...you guys are always so helpful:yes:

    Practical choices:

    1. 2007 Toyota Camry XLE--very nice car...nothing really "wrong" with it...however (and I apologize to "soccer moms":biggrin: ) I am only 22 so I am alittle worried that it is too much of a 'mom' car for me...it is considered a family sedan after all...

    2. 2006 Honda Accord EX--nice car, except the 2 door model that I test drove had HORRIBLE air conditioning and since I live in AZ, that is as important to me as airbags!!!;) Does anyone else have an Accord? How does its AC work? I also think that if I did decide to go with the Accord, I would get the 4 door model instead...I have a 2000 Mustang right now and 2 doors can be kinda a pain...

    Fun Choices:

    1. 2006 Cadillac CTS- Loved it!! However, the inside did not seem as nice to me as the interior in the Escalade, SRX, etc...it almost seems like it is Cadillac's 'base' model vehicle...pricewise it is, but I expected alittle bit nicer of an interior for a 'luxury car'.

    2. 2007 GMC Yukon--LOVED it!!! I just am worried about gas mileage...I have a V6 engine right now that uses a ton of gas...I'm sure the Yukon would use even more...those of you with an SUV, is it a huge pain to find parking spots, etc.?

    3. 2006/2007 Ford Mustang--I love the new body style! This was the only model that I did not test drive...I am going to on Tuesday. Does anyone have one of these yet?

    Whew!! That was long!! Thanks for any opinions/words of advice! You guys are great:smile:
  2. I'd get the accord, they're so solid and I much prefer Honda over Toyota. I used to have an Accord, and it was great - there were some problems with the AC though.

    Out of the fun cars, the one that's the most practical would be the CTS, I don't think it requires premium gas which is always a bonus with cars !
  3. LOL I am impressed you read my post that fast!!! Thanks for your advice:smile:
  4. Well I have a Yukon and it eats up gas like it's going out of style. But I havn't had any problems with it, but it's only a year old. I like the CTS though.
  5. i know what you mean about the camry, i love the new design but at 22 i feel like it's a little too old for me too. :yes: from your choices i'd say go with the accord, it's reliable and you cant go wrong with hondas.

    oh and p.s, i know atleast 5 people with accords but they havent had problems w/ the AC...
  6. go for the accord. i have a honda and its been so reliable. i would buy another one in a minute. my mom had a camry, so i agree its a little too family sedanish.
  7. How about a 3 series BMW, or a volkswagon?
    Both are solid cars that I think are decently priced and look great for our age:yes:

    Good Luck on your car search ;)
  8. Thanks, Miks:smile: That AC tidbit put my mind at ease...I think I will go to a different dealership and testdrive the accord one more time...any recommendations of 2 door vs. 4 door?:huh:

    Yeah, the BMW 3 series is super cute...I might go test drive one of those as well:smile: You look so gorgeous in ur pic BTW:smile::yes:

    The VW is not really my style...I don't know why...The new Passat is OK but it doesn't do anything for me:sad:
  9. Go see Al Gores new documentary and go "green" I am as soon as my lease finishes
  10. I have an Accord and IMO the air conditioning works great. My car is now 8 years old and still runs like a dream with regular maintenance. There are also Accord hybrids available now....that's going to be my next car in a couple of years. :heart: my Accord!!!
  11. Hey couture...I actually have an '05 mustang. I live in AZ too and the a/c seems alright to me. For the price I think it's a good value. I only have the V6 prem. model though. I think it has enough pep for city driving. Mine's the red, my sister's is the green.
  12. I bought a 06 black Accord coupe EXL with black interior 2 weeks ago, and I am loving it :love: I also test drove the 07 Camry, but I didn't like how I felt so far from the ground (I like my cars/seat closer to the ground). And I didn't like how my friends kept calling it a "family" car :yucky: I just turned 21 in may :P

    I haven't had any problem with the AC. I don't know about the EX model, but the EXL has dual AC control, which means you and the passenger can set different temperature :rolleyes: I would highly recommend giving it a second try!
  13. I am no soccer mom and think the new '07 Camry is hot!
    :heart: :heart: :heart:
  14. im 22 and about to graduate from college and cannot decide what car to get ... i have to make up my mind by next week cause my current car is already 5000 miles short of hitting the 100 K and I want to sell it before then. I heard that over 100 K cars's prices tend to drop significantly. do yall have any recommendation on what reliable car/suv/truck to get under 25K?
  15. Thanks couturegrl..thats so sweet :shame: :flowers: