Which car should we get?


Get the Toyota Camry or Scion Tc?

  1. Toyota Camry

  2. Scion TC

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  1. My bf plans on getting a new car and we can't decide between the 2007 Toyota Camry or the Scion Tc?

    We would love suggestions, inputs, personal experiences, etc to help in our decision making process




  2. Those are 2 totally different cars. What is the main use of the car?
  3. If you are looking for a more comfortable and a little luxurious car then get a Camry. I like the way it looks more than the Scion. One good thing about those cars is that they're both Toyota. They're both good choices.
  4. wow! the camry has totally changed from when i have last seen one! then again i don't keep up much with toyota (i've been honda brain-washed)

    i really like the camry, nice sedan! after having coupe after coupe...it'n nice to think about getting a sedan. but yah, totally whatever your lifestyle is.
  5. The Scion has a Camry engine.
  6. They are different cars. Camry is much more of a family-friendly car whereas Scion tC isn't. It only has 2 doors, so someone would always have to get out and move the seat to let the person in the back out of the car. tC's truck is also much smaller, fitting only a medium and a carry-on at the same time. That being said, the process of buying a tC is much simpler given the mono-spec nature of the car and the no-haggle pricing. Camry has more options, such as V6 and navigation system, but I LOVE MY tC :love:
  7. it's really seeing what the purpose of the car is. and your personal preference on door numbers/accessibility. the new camry is TDF and the exact car i am saving for currently (SE-V6 model) ! i prefer 4 doors over 2 doors, for mostly the same reason BlahT talked about "PITA to let the people in and out of the car". I hate to be inconvienced and inconviencing others, so 4 doors is great. not to mention, a lot roomier which allows for more shopping sprees. :biggrin: haha.

    from what i hear from the toyota forums, the new camry is basically a lexus with toyota badging, cuz it's been improved so dramatically from the 5th gens.
  8. I just got a Camry in January and LOVE it-it is my favorite car out of all the cars i and hubby have ever had-get one!
  9. Camry for comfort and long rides.
  10. It may depend on your specific needs but the Toyota Camry is a wonderful choice.
    Toyota owns Lexus and for my money I want a well made product,which I've gotten with all 3 of my current Toyota purchases,Solara,Camry and Tundra ;) .Goodluck with your decision :biggrin: .
  11. Doesn't Toyota make a new hybrid Camry? Have you considered that? I have a Honda Accord (2003...before they came out with the hybrid model) and I love it. It gets great mileage, is very comfortable to drive and to ride in (my MIL talks about how comfortable my car is compared to every other car she rides in since she does not drive), and it looks great. I opted for the Camry over the Element due to amenities and having to sometimes drive clients (no more, though), and it turned out to be a wonderful choice.
  12. I vote for the Camry. I'm not a big fan of the way Scions look, even if they are made by Toyota. The Camry rides nice and looks great. Also, isn't the tC a coupe? I had a 2-door Honda and I'm so glad I bought a 4-door Corolla earlier this year :smile:
  13. i'd opt for the camry
  14. I have an older '99 Camry that I love: it's still running like a dream and just as comfortable as the day I bought it. I really like the re-design of the Camry; it's definitely more stylish now.
  15. I think the new Camrys are really stylish - I'd definitley go for that. I'm not into the looks of the Scion at all.