which canvas monogram is ideal for the office? needs 2 b functional,chic&decent size

  1. Thanks
  2. Do you mean which monogram canvas bag is ideal for the office? Or do you mean which type of material is appropriate? Personally I'd choose Epi for the office.

    I think if you want a mono canvas bag, most people will suggest Batignolles Horizontal, Cabas Mezzo, Popincourt Haut, Manhattan PM/GM, etc...
  3. I think a mono lockit would be appropriate for the office.
  4. I think the BH is best.
  5. I agree with Karman on all points! I am a little confused by your question so I will answer it both ways! I also think Epi is great for the office, the lack of logos creates a subtle luxury. If you are going for monogram canvas in the workplace I think the BH is a great choice, if the open top concerns you than the Cabas Mezzo is another option that has a zipper.
  6. I will agree with Karman the Lockit H is nice and you'd have room if you need to carry extra stuff. I will also say the BH..
  7. BH, Manhatten GM/PM,
  8. I use my sac bosphore....
    depends what kind of office you work in !!
  9. ^^ So true. My office is the hostess' office and I just bring whatever bag to work!
  10. Lockit Horizontal, Batignolles Horizontal or Cabas Mezzo. :yes:
  11. The lockit H would be nice.
  12. BH, Piano, or Mezzo.
  13. I agree that the Piano is the perfect work bag. It holds a lot of stuff, and it is the classic mono style! Classy & functional!
  14. I sometimes use my Deauville for a chic office look!
  15. If you don't need something too big - the Popincourt Haut. For folders and other good stuff, I agree with the others - Batignolles Horizontal, Cabas Mezzo, or the Luco (not sure if its still sold though).

    In the Damier line, there's a new one that just came out the Hampstead MM/GM - very classy and structured. Or, the Saleya.