Which came first? The Tano or the Coach

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  1. Is it me, or does this bucket bag look suspiciously like a Coach Carly? Or perhaps the Carly looks suspiciously like the Tano Bucket Bag...IDK


    Forgive me if this has been discussed. I love coach. I even wear coach glasses, but I was sad to see this. Appearantly the Tano came first.
  2. How interesting.. O_O
  3. I've always noticed that a designer will come out with a really fabulous bag and not long after you will see copy cat bags out there. My gut feeling is the Carly was out first and I think the Carly will outlast the Tano. JMHO :smile:
  4. Not sure which came out first, but I like the Carly much more, and I think the leather looks better on the Coach too. JMO. The Tano is nice too. But I'm definitely a Coach fan...lol. I like the straps on the Carly more too.

    Thanks for sharing, that is really interesting.
  5. I could be totally wrong- but I thought the tano bucket bag came first... I remember the first time I saw a carly thats what I thought of. But its possible that I didn't see the carly when it first came out.
  6. hmm..interesting, it would be great if someone here knows.

  7. I think you're right. I am surprised. Coach, IMO, has always been innovative. This is not the norm.
  8. I never even heard of the word Tano, and I doubt Reed Krakoff would stoop so low as to steal someones design.. so I say COACH
  9. Well, the tano had the boogie bucket, the cookie bucket, and the bucket bag... They all look pretty similar, different leathers and such. The boogie seems to be the first that has straps around the corners, but everything else is the same. The others came out last spring I believe? Not sure about the bucket bag itself.

    when did carly come out again? I can't seem to figure it out from the threads on carly.
  10. The Carly came out first, to my knowledge. All the sorority girls 'round here carry the Tano bags and I saw one for the first time while I worked at Coach and was like :wtf:

    They're $150! And I don't know what they're made out of but it feels plasticky.
  11. It looks horrible IMO, I hope the Carly came first!!!!
  12. Well there are two ways of looking at it:

    1. Coach ripped off Tano, and VASTLY improved on the design and made something wildly more popular and an instant classic.
    2. Tano ripped off Coach, doing Coach and injustice by doing a REALLY horrible job of knocking off their design.

    Given that most ripoffs are gross, tacky, and way crappier...
    well, you tell me what the conclusion is! :smile::smile::smile::smile:

    :heart: Carly for life
  13. I don't really care for the Tano. The leather looks really cheap.
  14. Yeah, I think what confused me is the first pics of the carly surfaced before the bag was actually sold in stores- I saw it first in stores, which could have been months later (I don't visit very often). And upon closer inspection, the cookie and boogie tano bags don't really look like the carly like the other one does. Whichever came first- we're all in agreement that the carly is better :smile:
  15. I'm a fan of both bags. Tanos are great quality and they have fantastic colors. The leather is actually beautiful in person, and they are reasonably priced (with the bucket bags going for about $200). Why must we always rip one down to prop up another?

    It strikes me as a false dichotomy. Tano has been doing bucket bags for quite some time (summer '06 and even before, I believe), including ones with straps and hardware up the sides. A number of bags quite similar to Carly were out before Coach. The bucket bag is a classic design that has been used forever, and there are only so many ways you can jazz it up.