Which came first, the Balenciaga bags or the Celine boogie?

  1. They do look really similar ... I am curious!
  2. hmmm i don't really find them similar....
    personally i prefer balenciaga far more than the boogie
  3. Yeah I definitely prefer the bbags.
  4. I have to say they are quite different. For me, no question asked -- Balenciaga!
  5. I own both, and love them both so I can't decide lol!

    But I don't think they look alike at all, hmm:confused1:
  6. In my unlearned opinion...I think the Celine Boogie bag is older. I think it has been an underground chic bag for YEARS...and then suddenly became popular. I only have a Boogie, which I bought at the Celine outlet for a great price. I don't even want to know what a Balenciaga costs...but I'm sure it is out of my range.
  7. TropicalGal, what are the prices like at the Celine outlet? I was wondering because I bought a metalic water buffalo boogie at nm.com over the summer for $500 and am curious is that is similar to outlet pricing. Retail was $1250 I think.