Which cambon style do you prefer - large tote or large reporter? Why?

  1. I just bought the large tote but am on the fence whther to keep it or take it back for the reporter. I love the style of the reporter but fear that I will get annoyed with the thick and boxy shape under my arm. For those who own both - which one do you carry more? Thanks for your opinion!
  2. i am biased bec I love the reporter more but buy whichever you think you will be comfortable in :smile:
  3. I love the way the Reporter looks, but I prefer the way the Large Tote fits.
  4. You can fit a lot more in the large tote than the reporter. It isn't really bulky under the arm.
  5. Tura - Do you mean the reporter isn't bulky or the tote isn't bulky?

    Swanky - I feel exactly the same way - thus this thread!

    Koalaph - Do you own the reporter? Do you carry it often?

    I'd love to hear from someone who owns both!

    Thanks for all your responses!
  6. I have the large flap tote, and love it!!!!
  7. I have had both the reporter and the large tote. The large tote is just as wide as the reporter is. The reporter is not bulky under the arm IMO. HTH
  8. I prefer the style of the Reporter. To me, the large tote looks like an overpriced beach bag.

    I don't' find my Reporter to be too bulky and annoying under the arm as long as I push it behind me versus hanging down by my side.
  9. I love the reporter. The large reporter is surprisingly not too boxy and it fits a whole lot of stuff. The style is TDF ANDDDDDDDD... you don't see many people carrying that around. The price used to be in the $2100 and then went up to $3175.

    I have to agree that the large cambon tote just looks like an "overpriced beach bag" quote from Roey.

    It doesn't bother me one bit whilst I carry the bag. It's actually very comfortable snugged on my shoulder. The leather is super soft so it can't 'feel' bulky.

    Again it's preference and the look you want to portray.

    BTW, my co-workers are all carrying the replicas of the Large Cambon Tote and it does look genuine except when you check out the interior, it's horrifying.
  10. Reporter, because I love all the pockets!
  11. I had both. I prefer the look of the reporter but felt like the large tote was just a tad more comfortable to carry....ended up selling the tote and keeping reporter. Went for form over function but only because I like the look of the reporter alot better and the large tote was just a little more functional...:smile:
  12. Thank you for all the responses! I'm getting/keeping both! I found a pink/black reporter for a reasonable price on ebay and figured that I could have BOTH styles for less than buying the black reporter at retail. :yahoo: The seller already emailed me that she was shipping it out today!

    I know I must have broken a personal purse record yesterday. 2 bags in 1 day!

    I'm carrying the black tote today and love it. I can't wait to get the pink reporter later this week!

    Thank you again for all being soooo helpful! This is such a great forum - although it is terrible for my wallet! Oh, and did I mention that this was my first Chanel?
  13. ^^congrats to you!! Enjoy!