which cake u like the most ? come and vote please ! **pictures**

  1. Hi guys, i need to do some survey here for my sister's cakes that she made for us (mostly birthday cake), she is not cake maker, she is just housewife but she love to do that...come and vote here, I will collect the feedback for her and I am pretty sure that she will very happy...

    Thank you very much.


    p/s: cake #3 was my birthday cake this year (May '07)
  2. I vote # 4:smile: looks yummy
  3. Ohhhh, YUMMY. They all look amazing, but I think I'll vote for number 1. It looks so light and yummy
  4. i like number 4
  5. she made for mom on Mother's Day this year (May '07):tup:
  6. she made for my nephew, (her eldest son, Sunny boy !) last year Nov '06:tup:
  7. #4 looks soooooo delicious (love strawberries & chocolate!).
    the pecan cake also looks lovely.
  8. more pictures to help for your vote decision....
    A1.jpg A3.jpg B1.jpg B3.jpg B2.jpg
  9. more pictures ....
    C1.jpg C2.jpg C3.jpg D1.jpg D2.jpg
  10. more pictures ...
    E1.jpg E2.jpg
  11. #4
  12. #4!!!!!
    my favorites: strawberries & chocolate!!!:drool:
  13. Oh yummie! My vote goes to #4.
  14. I like #2, the candy cake. I think it's cute all the stuff she put on there.
    But they're all so cute and look soooooooooo yummy.
  15. #4 & #5 --love the presentation and I'm a chocoholic