Which cadenas are lighter than others?

  1. I usually use an H cadena on my LV Speedy because they are cuter than the LV lock and add a lot of character IMO. :smile: The only problem is my Hippo is sooo heavy he's stretching the leather hole on the Speedy.
    Sooo I was wondering..which cadenas weigh less than say the Hippo. I was thinking Pegasus? Any others?

  2. Hmm ... I am thinking it's probably the 2004 Heart cadena.
  3. I was about to post the same thing! Heart cadena.

    You are right about the pegasus as well.
  4. The Pegasus is a lot lighter than Hippo
  5. Thanks! I knew you all would know! :yahoo:
    I'm just looking ahead to when I can get one :shame:
  6. in the meantime why not wear the hippo on the hardware near the handle instead of the hole where the lock goes so it won't stretch it?
  7. That's a good idea H! I guess I could just use the LV lock too in the meantime. :amuse: I just need to shine it up a little. :smile:
  8. Crochetbella, I just saw a heart cadenas on eBay today or yesterday. Very good price too! Around $250, I think. I have one too and I love it. It's my favorite.
  9. Those heart cadenas are so cute!!! :heart: :heart: :heart:
  10. CB, you're right on Pegasus for sure. Heart is decent as well. The other ones are pretty weighty. The new 2007 cadena isn't too bad either come to think about it.
  11. CB, the shooting star is also relatively small and light.

    I have several which I like to use both on my bags and on the necklace. From handling many of them in the stores, I think the order in descending order of lightness is pegasus, heart and shooting star.

    I love the hippo too but the weight was my primary reason for not buying it.
  12. I love the Heart one too...:heart:
  13. The snail and harp are pretty light too now that I've given it some more thought.

    Another one that weighs as much if not more than the hippo is the pelican--he's very cute, but super heavy!
  14. ^Good to know that about the pelican, Orchids. I've been thinking he's quite cute. But now armed with that info I'll give him a pass.
  15. I would agree, the pegasus and heart will probably be the lightest. They are still available at the stores, ask your store and they can probably phone around ang get one in for you. I don't think there's any need to buy from eaby unless you get a bargain price. At the Paris sales, they were selling the heavier charms like the hippo for only 90 euros and the pegasus was only 60 euros. I succumbed to the hippo, he was so cute, lol but he is a bit of a porker.