Which BV in the rain?

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  1. Those of you in Northern CA know about the intermittent heavy rains here. Which BV, if any, do you carry in this type of weather? I have been relying on synthetic bags during this weather, since I often leave the house without an umbrella and just with a rain jacket - one less thing to carry.

    P.S. I have enjoyed reading about your meet-up and seeing the photos. Sorry to read about BV_LC_Poodle's injury, and best wishes for a smooth recovery.
  2. I live near Vancouver, BC so I feel like I'm a bit of an expert on rain. David Duchovny was once quoted (jokingly) saying that we get "400 inches of rainfall a day."
    There is the torential rain and wind that hammers down for hours, the rain that starts on a Friday afternoon and doesn't let up until Sunday night, the Pineapple Express that moves in from Hawaii in the winter months, the light misty crap that is too much for regular windshield wipers but not quite enough for the intermitent setting. Yeah rain. It's wet. Eh?
    I have to tell you that an umbrella really is your friend. Find a really cute mini one that fits in your bag. Besides, wet soggy hair is like.... blech.
    However, I will say that I generally don't pay much attention to what purse I use in rainy weather. It's leather. I mean cows do go outside, right? Not that I'd make a habit of it, but your bag will be fine if it gets a bit wet.
    I got caught in a !surprise! rain storm last summer while in the city. I was carrying my Opera Roma and when I left for lunch I had sunglasses on my head. When I came out of the restaurant to head to my hotel - :panic:
    That bag got completely soaked, like w.e.t. You know what? It dried. Naturally, on its own and is none the worse for wear. No water marks, nothing. Mind you it is Nappa Umbria so I think that makes a difference. I don't know if I would have been as smug carrying Cervo. I have been caught in the rain with Karung and it also was just fine.
    Bottom line: Be mindful of leaving your bag out in the elements - dont let it get soaked, but don't let the rain stop you form carrying a beautiful purse. Also? Trust me on the umbrella thing.

    I don't even want to talk about how my hair went from fabulous to plastered to my forehead, to half air dried and fluffy in a matter of 30mins. I was in therapy for about four weeks after that. I'll never give my chauffeur the day off again! :lol:
  3. Good points about the umbrella! Sadly, my favorite one from a now-defunct company called Tray 6, got lost. It was the only collapsible umbrella that wouldn't turn inside-out on me when it gets windy. Hence the reliance on a rain jacket - the hood keeps my hair pretty dry, but you may have encouraged me to rekindle my search for the perfect umbrella!
  4. Travel catalogs like Magellans and Travel Smith have wind resistant fold up umbrellas......they both have websites. My tea campana got totally soaked the first time out. It looked dark brown it was so wet. It dried fine sitting on the kitchen counter.....not a mark on her.
  5. I with with Von, albeit with less flair, that BV is fairly rain hardy. I really don't care what BV I wear in the rain. All of my bags that have gotten wet have dried without incident. I'm not interested in owning the bag if it can't get wet.

    I do have a NLG cervo bag that has gotten rained on and have seen no spotting and staining. I've also not seen any damage from carrying a light colored BV in the rain.
  6. I don't like umbrellas, so I also rely on a raincoat. If the bag is not too large, I just wear it under the rain coat.

    I have a very well worn pyramid (crossbody) that I wore during the last snow storm and I forgot to close it, so I had snow everywhere. Everything survived and recovered perfectly :smile:
  7. My go to rain BV is my large Nero belly. "ShedRain" makes umbrellas that are designed to withstand wind. I bought one at Nordies in Portland a few years ago.
  8. If I am going out in the rain and need a bag, I use a pillow. I wear it under my coat because it's small and easy to to do. My first choice in the rain is to stick my mini wallet in my pocket, grab my car keys lanyard and go. However, I have been caught in rain carrying a Veneta and even though I dropped it in a bit of standing water in the parking lot outside of Barnes & noble, it recovered just fine.
  9. Thanks for all the tips, both on bag use and on umbrellas! This will come in handy with the ongoing weather, though it looks like this week in SF is sunnier.
  10. I do not worry about keeping mine out of the rain or snow. I don't purposely get it soaked, but I don't cover my bags either. No problems whatsoever. I like the earlier comment, it's cow, right? Lol

    I've even spilled coffee (twice!) on my large belly and it dried just fine. All I had on me were tissues to blot with.
  11. Oh dear. I feel like a total wimp. Maybe I pamper my BVs (note that is now plural!!) too much.
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  12. My Violet lambskin satchel was "sea gull bombed" a few years ago in Monterey. Luckily it wasn't a direct hit. That's when an umbrella would have come in handy. She cleaned up with a damp towel.
  13. Besides having an umbrella in your bag, I have raincoats (oversize plastic bags w/handles)
    for my bags that I keep in my cabat & others, just in case I get caught especially
    when I am traveling to either London or other european city or for that matter here in the
  14. They now make a bag that is designed for you to put your bag in when it rains. I forget what it is called. I may have posted it in the chat thread here. It folds up small so if you get caught in the rain you just pop it out and pop your bag into it
  15. I'm with you! My BV bags (except one) have never felt rain or snow. If there's even a chance of bad weather, I carry a Henry cuir puzzle tote or the BV mini messenger in calf and I protect them with my coat. To go to work, my BVs are carried in their dust bags and nestled inside my backpack. I'm ok with being neurotic :smile:
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