Which BV do you use most often? Which do you use least?

  1. Discuss! :tender:
  2. Most - toss up between my nero and my noce Montaignes, entirely depending on my outfit for the day.

    Least - bianco Montaigne, partly because it is winter and partly because I am terrified of getting it dirty. I may just put it in a glass case so I can keep it looking beautiful!!
  3. Veneta Nero, Veneta Ebano, Veneta Camel.
  4. I use my Ebano Montaigne the most. I am quite infatuated with this bag. The one I use the least is the Karung Knot clutch...it is a special occasion bag, and I just haven't been to many special occasions lately!
  5. Veneta Nero, Sloane OP, then Veneta Camel
  6. Most often - I use my large Noce Veneta. Love it, LOVE IT.

    Least often - my Ferro Karung Knot clutch. Probably gets air maybe once a year. But the knot is not an every day bag...

    Think I should use more often - my black ball and carminio boston.

    Think I should use less - Ebano cabat. My goodness, the corners are wearing.
  7. My maxi studded Veneta - definitely the most. My Roma, to my surprise, the least! But I think maybe when warmer weather comes I'll take it out again - it's a very snug fit on a winter coated shoulder!
  8. I use my large ebano veneta the most *loves it to death*. :love: I use my knot clutches the least but still cannot resist them. :push:
  9. Most--limo campana
    Least--magnolia baby bag
    mistikat-I find that I only use my roma for travelling since I normally don't carry much in my bags. It is also my heaviest bag, but I wear it on my arm and consider it "training" for when I get a birkin!
  10. Most used - Camel Veneta ('cos it's easy to match)

    Next - OP Sloane (I have to think carefully about co-ordinating the color with my outfit and shoes. I find myself dressing deliberately just to carry this bag out!)

    Least used - Knot Clutch - only once todate!
  11. Most often is my large ebano campana. When in doubt, bring it out. Least is probably my butterfly knot clutch as it is so small, I use it only at black tie events and rely on my roomy Chanel mademoiselle clutch instead. Going forward though, the least will be the limo chain bag from last year. I am so disappointed by how fast the colour transference happened. My medium veneta naturale gets used fairly often in Summer, but this year she's got serious competition from the ottone sloane, which I already am using very very often.
  12. Nero veneta, nocce veneta. I have only used my medium nero veneta once. I may give it to my mother.
  13. I use my large studded veneta the most...it goes well with our wet, cold weather. I use a no name satchel type nero BV the least b/c I only use it for events/functions when I know I'm going to be standing a lot with drink and food in hand. It has a braided handle that fits well on my shoulder and stays in place...it's also a little smaller than my other BV and holds less which ensures it will be lighter and also less likely to be bumped in a crowd.
  14. Ferro Sloane. I only have one other BV (bag, at least), and that's an Ebano Montaigne which is gorgeous.

    and y'know, i actually thought i wouldn't use the Sloane very much because it looked so bulky, but it's soooooooo slouchy and so easy to use and open, and i love it love it love it!
  15. i use my large ebano veneta most, and the karung fan clutch least.