Which BV bag?

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  1. Hey guys,

    thanks so much for your help with suhali vs. Bv. I have decided to go for BV, but need a bit help in picking a style....here are the choices (ultimately, I want it in black, or possiblity bronze if available) What do you think? How do you rate them?

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  2. I love the third bag, it's got that super cute slouchy shape !

    I think out of the three choices you've posted, I like the first shape the least, just not as cute as the other two.
  3. Ayla, thanks for response. If you have time, will you please check out the ball bag in the BV site under "shop online", its on the bottom left in brown....pretty slouchy in this pic. (couldn't download it though) I am liking this bag, but can't post a decent realistic pic of it. what do you think of it in other pic. Its pretty soft styled in person!

  4. Hrm.. I really like the colour, and the shape. This is a tough decision ! Oh and here's a picture for other posters to view, I just took it off the site for you. :smile:

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  5. wow, thanks...for some reason, I have been having major difficulty downloading that pic!
  6. Ah that's cause it's embedded in flash. Its kind of frustrating how you can't just click and save it.. I actually took a screen shot and cropped it down to size.

    Umm.. ignore that if you didn't understand, I guess that's just my computer nerdiness side coming out ! :lol:
  7. hmmm, :amuse:, useful knowledge to have!

  8. Bag 3 is gorgeous - style and colour!
  9. I like #4.
  10. I like them all :biggrin: But prefer #4.
  11. I love all of them. I tried the 4th one myself two weeks ago! It's gorgeous. My SA and I were debating whether or not the structure of the bag would age as well as the hobo. We decided the hobo was better for that reason. This bag however, is very hard to construct and we were appreciating how well this particular Bottega was made. The brown is 2 toned you know, matte and shiny....it's truly gorgeous! I also love how the weave rested against my shoulder when carrying it. I let it go because I prefer to buy my next Bottega in tan. Good luck!:P
  12. Thanks Star!
    A few questions...what do you mean that "the structore of the bag [not aging] as well as the hobo"? what do you see happening?! I didn't know that brown is actually two toned! (this is the noche color bag you're talking about, right?) It doesn't look it in the the pic., plus , I only saw the black one. Does the brown look a lot different in person than in pic? Have you tried on their woven campana? If so, how does the smaller campana compare in size to the ball hobo. i have been getting some majorly mixed comments on it being the same or the campana being noticable smaller. I need them to give me a uniform answer! I hate buying stuff over the net/phone when I don't see all the choices personally, but the alternative is too wait when I'm out in London in January some time. Star, do you think the campana could be pulled off for nightime? Here's more pics. of the campana...


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  13. Well, The leather is really malleable and soft so over time, if you have the things at the bottom of the bag, they will sink and droop where as the structured part on either side of the "noche" will stay stiff. Whereas the hobo has no stiff support at the bottom of either side so when you have things at the bottom the bag, they sink to the bottom, but thats the shape of the hobo. the Noche has triangle kind of sides with no support at the bottom, so the bottom will stretch over time because of weight and the sides may stick out. .....Can you kind of understand what I mean? If it's a bag to wear, it's gorgeous,more than the pictyre. If it is a bag to USE, go for another type.
    I don't love the campana.....but it can be dressed up at night in black.
  14. #3 for me.. Don't like the rest. I tried a BV bag today. I don't know. I don't personally fall in love with it...
  15. Go for the hobo! Day and Night, I love mine!

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